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  1. chazzmatazz

    SOLD  Memphis TN, 1997 LX450, 387k, No Lockers

    $5,000 I recently purchased this 1997 LX 450 with 387,xxx miles from the original owners here in Memphis, TN. They bought the car while living in California and then moved to Memphis 11 years ago. That being said, there is absolutely no rust on the car. It was always serviced at the local...
  2. TagALong

    Found Rear Grease Seal in Front Axle During Bearing Change

    Hello all, I recently started the process of replacing my front driver wheel bearings, seals, etc on my 1996 Lexus LX450. Watched a couple tutorials, figured it out and it was smooth sailing. However, when I went to rebuild the thing, I discovered that the OEM grease seal I bought from Toyota...
  3. B

    Does anyone believe this rust is worth repairing?

    Hey all, I just recently got a 1996 lx450 to turn into an overland project, not sure if this is the right place to post something like this since I’m new to forums so I apologize if it’s out of place, the model I picked up does have a couple rust holes near the windshield, and I’d really hate to...
  4. B

    Anybody know if not having the PWR/2nd button in an lx450 is normal

    Hey y’all, I recently got a ‘96 lx450 as a project, and I noticed it doesn’t have the pwr/2nd buttons installed as it should, instead it’s just a blank black insert, did some models come without those? I thought it was standard
  5. J

    For Sale  Lx450 radio and amp

    Lx450 radio and amp, works great screen good couple of buttons with burn bulbs. 100$ shipped
  6. holylx450

    Wanted  Boise, ID: Looking for LX450 door cladding for all four doors. Any color

    Hey all, I just picked up a 1996 LX450 that has had its door cladding removed. If you have or know of anyone with these pieces, please let me know! I'm down to pay for shipping if located out of state. any info is much appreciated. Also, I'll need clips to replace what's been removed. If...
  7. 4runnerd

    SOLD  Escondido, CA: OEM LX450 wheels

    Hi guys, I have a set of OEM LX450 alloy wheels that were destined for a project truck that I sold a while back. I’ve always loved these, although that seems to put me in a minority ;) They’re in great shape; just some light scratches, and a few small oxidized spots. I’m in north San Diego...
  8. ShepRunner

    SOLD  LX 450 / 80 Series or 3rd Gen 4runner Limited 4WD

    Hi all - Looking to buy an LX 450 / 80 Series or 3rd Gen 4runner Limited. Bottom line is that the vehicle has no rust on frame, well maintained with service history, and good interior. Prefer leather and CD/cassette sound system. I'll be using it as a daily driver, and for camping, limited...
  9. J

    SOLD  1997 LX450 Fort Worth Texas $30k

    1997 LX450 $30k Slinky/Icon Stage 4 Slee Rear Bumper with Dual Swingout Ladder and Tire Carrier Icon Wheels ARB Front Bumper Smitty Built X20 9.5k Winch Gen 3 with Synthetic Line and Remote Differential Lock OME Adjustable Panhard OME Steering Damper Trail Gear Low Range Gear Set 3.11 with...
  10. LandCruiseCzar

    Wanted  Lifer Vehicle - FJ80 (or LX450) Clean and Solid!

    Hey Guys - I've been on the hunt for a lifer vehicle. My dad's had a '94 FJ80 since I was a kid, and I'm looking for one of my own. This is going to be my 1-vehicle. So wiling to prioritize quality > over price. Tried with a couple eBay sellers that turned out to be rusty duds. So now turning...
  11. 4runnerd

    SOLD  Escondido, CA: OEM LX 450 wheels

    Hi guys, I have a set of OEM LX 450 alloy wheels that were destined for a project truck that I sold a while back. I’ve always loved these, although that seems to put me in a minority ;) They’re in great shape; just some light scratches, and a few small oxidized spots. I’m in north San Diego...
  12. S

    Wanted  WTB OEM Lexus LX450 wheel. Looking for at least 1

    Looking for at least one LX450 wheel. Will buy two if available Thanks
  13. M

    Wanted  LX450

    I am looking for 1997 Lexus LX450 preferably in green or black but others as well, for restoration project. Stock vehicles preferred, no body damage, it must run and drive to get on trailer/container. up to 250k miles location: doesn’t matter. US/Canada or the rest of the world. I am from...
  14. Gunner458


  15. Chachi254

    FIXED!! High-pressure fuel pump circuit won't activate on it's own - installed manual high-pressure circuit switch

    — Thanks to @satchel , this has finally been fixed! Hey Mudders, Revisiting this issue a year later. I'm having an intermittent high-speed fuel pump circuit break that I need advice with. I had posted about this a while ago in another thread before I realized the issue was related to an...
  16. M

    For Sale  Pennsylvania 1996 Lifted Triple Locked Lx450

    Trades or 8k cash. Vehicle sits more than it’s driven. We don’t live near enough places to enjoy this vehicle. 182k miles. Triple locked. All the normal landcruiser maintenance stuff has been done and it just got new brakes and a brand new dobinsons flexi 3” lift. $1500 lift. No cheap stuff all...
  17. R

    FJ80 land cruiser oem brush guard

    Hi, i'm looking for an oem brush guard for a 1997 lx450. Does anybody have one they can sell me? I live in Philly and can travel as long as it's not insanely far.
  18. jebaloha

    For Sale  Honolulu, HI 80 series a few various parts for sale

    Hi there, I have a driver's side (left) 80 series headlight assembly with all tabs intact: $200 Driver's side (left) turn signal $50 A ventilation cowl louver $100 Hood Hinges $40 Spare tire jack and tools $150 ( in great shape and a complete set I believe) Bumper Turn Signals $60...
  19. blahblahblah

    SOLD  1997 FZJ80 running boards, NorCal

    Come take them before I sawzall them into pieces small enough to fit into my trash bin. Great shape. End caps included. Not interested in shipping.
  20. JohnnyFish

    For Sale  Austin, TX: 1997 Lexus LX 450, 3x locked

    272k miles; stock; renovated interior Asking 11,5 OBO https://austin.craigslist.org/cto/d/austin-1997-lexus-lx450-land-cruiser-3/6832076396.html Thanks.
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