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  1. keatoFZJ80

    4:30 Rear E Locker? From 97' LX450?

    I have a verg mind boggling misery for the great knowledgeable people of Mud to solve. Backstory- I drive a 96' Fzj80 Unlocked. Being the aspiring 80 series owner I am, I decided I would embark on a quest for a factory E locker.( I'm In school and don't have 5k+ to casually spend on a locker)...
  2. D

    SOLD Denver - Stock 97' LX450 rims

    I have a set of Like new BFG KO2 295/75/16 (33") Tires for sale. I bought them in 2020 and replaced the wheels and tires in 2021 when i bought 17" wheels. The Tires are perfect. maybe 2000 miles on them. The rims have some surface rust but are otherwise fine. I have the center caps too. But...
  3. alexkay

    1997 LX 450 Triple Locked Bugout / Expedition Build

    Hi all - This marks my attempt to document the build progress of my FZJ80 over the past two years. Here, I'll share my mistakes and lessons learned, along with any regrets coupled with successes. I hope that I can give back to this community as much I have learned. I've added fewer than 5,000...
  4. J

    Wanted 4X4 Labs rear wanted in SoCal

    Hello! New to mud so excuse my lack of knowledge or etiquette. I am looking for a 4x4 labs rear bumper for my 97 LX450. I’m located in SoCal, more specifically, San Diego and willing to drive for a pick up. Thank you!
  5. JimO

    For Sale 1997 Lexus LX 450 in Diamond Bar California

    1997 Lexus LX450 for sale. The LX450 is a clean title vehicle with 246,351 miles as of this posting. Very capable off-road, and can go just about anywhere. Engine is strong and the LX450 drives nicely. The LX450 has a Front steel bumper with winch and sliders which are bolt on but could easily...
  6. A

    CDL issue - '96 LX450 - Resolved

    Editing this thread so my stupidity doesn't confuse someone else who stumbles upon this in the future. 1996 Lx450, 152k miles, NO front or rear lockers. CDL Dash Switch, Pin-7 Mod. 4WD High and Low work fine, but the CDL hasn't locked since the day I bought it. When shifting into 4WD Low, or...
  7. K

    SOLD Prescott, Arizona, 1997 4runner Limited

    Reluctantly for sale is our 1997, 4x4, Limited, 3rd gen 4runner with 176,000 miles. This is a cherished vehicle that we have had intentions of keeping forever. Not only does it look great and receive many compliments, it has proven to be extremely capable and reliable. Consequently, it is the...
  8. awlandhide

    SOLD 1997 Lexus LX450

    I bought this truck in 2019 from Florida (The frame is so clean you can eat off it!) with the goal of turning it into an overland vehicle. It is now in Orange County New York. It is running like new. Maintains oil level, and drives and shifts beautifully. It has been an awesome rig, and it was...
  9. davedave

    SOLD TN: LX450 rear speaker covers / grilles

    Got these two rear speaker covers from a 1996 LX450. Not in perfect shape, but could clean up well. All the clips are there. Bought them in hopes that they’d fit in the front of my 96 FZJ80, but didn’t realize front and rear aren’t the same size. Will happily trade for front speaker covers for...
  10. corporatecruzr

    For Sale Lx450 80 parts

    97 lx450 80 series parts Oxford, AL WILLING TO SHIP Rear pass. Interior panel: $150 Rear driver interior panel: $150 Front bumper: $150 Rear pass. side int. door panel : $100 Rear pass. Seat belt panel: $75 Cd changer (no disc insert): $50 93-97 Toyota Land Cruiser DRIVER Lower Dash: $150...
  11. I

    For Sale Seattle: 1997 lexus LX 450 262K miles

    Originally a Candian truck, imported 3 years ago. Clear Washington State Title. Some rust but mechanically sound. 2 owner truck, I have had for the last 15 years, oil changes every 5000 never missed. Front end rebuilt at Toyota 3 years ago including brakes, bearings. $9500.
  12. chazzmatazz

    SOLD Memphis TN, 1997 LX450, 387k, No Lockers

    $5,000 I recently purchased this 1997 LX 450 with 387,xxx miles from the original owners here in Memphis, TN. They bought the car while living in California and then moved to Memphis 11 years ago. That being said, there is absolutely no rust on the car. It was always serviced at the local...
  13. TagALong

    Found Rear Grease Seal in Front Axle During Bearing Change

    Hello all, I recently started the process of replacing my front driver wheel bearings, seals, etc on my 1996 Lexus LX450. Watched a couple tutorials, figured it out and it was smooth sailing. However, when I went to rebuild the thing, I discovered that the OEM grease seal I bought from Toyota...
  14. B

    Does anyone believe this rust is worth repairing?

    Hey all, I just recently got a 1996 lx450 to turn into an overland project, not sure if this is the right place to post something like this since I’m new to forums so I apologize if it’s out of place, the model I picked up does have a couple rust holes near the windshield, and I’d really hate to...
  15. B

    Anybody know if not having the PWR/2nd button in an lx450 is normal

    Hey y’all, I recently got a ‘96 lx450 as a project, and I noticed it doesn’t have the pwr/2nd buttons installed as it should, instead it’s just a blank black insert, did some models come without those? I thought it was standard
  16. J

    For Sale Lx450 radio and amp

    Lx450 radio and amp, works great screen good couple of buttons with burn bulbs. 100$ shipped
  17. holylx450

    Wanted Boise, ID: Looking for LX450 door cladding for all four doors. Any color

    Hey all, I just picked up a 1996 LX450 that has had its door cladding removed. If you have or know of anyone with these pieces, please let me know! I'm down to pay for shipping if located out of state. any info is much appreciated. Also, I'll need clips to replace what's been removed. If...
  18. 4runnerd

    SOLD Escondido, CA: OEM LX450 wheels

    Hi guys, I have a set of OEM LX450 alloy wheels that were destined for a project truck that I sold a while back. I’ve always loved these, although that seems to put me in a minority ;) They’re in great shape; just some light scratches, and a few small oxidized spots. I’m in north San Diego...
  19. ShepRunner

    SOLD LX 450 / 80 Series or 3rd Gen 4runner Limited 4WD

    Hi all - Looking to buy an LX 450 / 80 Series or 3rd Gen 4runner Limited. Bottom line is that the vehicle has no rust on frame, well maintained with service history, and good interior. Prefer leather and CD/cassette sound system. I'll be using it as a daily driver, and for camping, limited...
  20. J

    SOLD 1997 LX450 Fort Worth Texas $30k

    1997 LX450 $30k Slinky/Icon Stage 4 Slee Rear Bumper with Dual Swingout Ladder and Tire Carrier Icon Wheels ARB Front Bumper Smitty Built X20 9.5k Winch Gen 3 with Synthetic Line and Remote Differential Lock OME Adjustable Panhard OME Steering Damper Trail Gear Low Range Gear Set 3.11 with...
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