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  1. johnschell

    SOLD 100 Series OEM Chrome Rims and Michelin LTX Tires

    Upgraded and replaced the stock rims and tires. Need to free up space in the garage. Located in Los Angeles. No caps. Tires still have decent tread left. See photos for condition. FREE. Come and get 'em
  2. incudie

    Service Shop in Los Angeles region?

    So after doing the timing belt/pulleys/front axle rebuild/etc/etc myself, next up is the steering rack (oil drips, steering is questionable and I've got about 223k on the current rack). Turns out, I'm not too interested in doing that job myself (lifting the engine sounds... terrible). Does...
  3. jdla

    For Sale 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser, ARB Bumpers and OME 3” Lift in LA,CA

    Selling my 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser with a 3in ARB Lift and ARB Front and Rear Bumper. $16,500 In Los Angeles, Ca. 158,000 miles with a complete engine overhaul done in March. Also included and installed: Smittybuilt 10,000 lb Winch in the front bumper KC Daylighters ARB Rear Bumper Jerry...
  4. mydogsmonkey

    MUDShip Looking for Mudship Vacaville, CA to Los Angeles Area

    Looking for someone to pick up a set of springs for me to be delivered somewhere in the Los Angeles area.
  5. teejnut

    Wanted MetalTech Group Order to Los Angeles

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is the best place to cross-post this, but I'm getting a group of people together to make a purchase for MetalTech armor. The goal is to pool orders together to save on shipping. We might get a discount depending on what/quantity is ordered. Orders would be shipped to a...
  6. teejnut

    MetalTech Armor Order in Los Angeles

    Hi, I planning to get some MetalTech/OPOR sliders for my GX470 and want to try to get a group together to place an order with MetalTech. My main goal is to pool orders together so we can save on shipping. Would ship to LA, specifically Bell, CA 90201, I have access to a warehouse there that can...
  7. M

    Los Angeles Outiftter that stocks Metal Tech?

    Anyone know a Los Angeles Outiftter that stocks Metal Tech? I want the OPOR GX470 sliders Metal Tech has, but don't wanna pay $200 in shipping! Also wouldn't mind having someone install them for me since it seems like a special tool is required and even then it seems like a two person job...
  8. DJCloz

    Craigslist find 03 w/ low miles in Los Angeles Area

    this looks like a smoking deal for a low miles truck. clean 2003, 99K miles, $13,7..... seems like $12,5 cash to me! Toyota Land Cruiser 2003
  9. CaptHamster

    For Sale FJ62 Front Seats Brown + Front Bumper End Caps, Los Angeles CA

    Hello all Selling the pair of front seats out of my 1990 FJ62 (pictures below). THE GOOD: - Both seats reupholstered and new bottom / back seat foam in approx. 2010 - No rips or tears in fabric (even the driver's side where they usually rip is in great shape!) - Recline / sliding functions...
  10. 9

    Wanted LF FJ40 Los Angeles

    Hey guys, new here and found the site from researching vintageoffroad. Years 68-82, based off priority, here's what I'm looking for - Automatic Must be able to drive highway(65MPH) Mechanically sound Both Doors No rust Nice to haves: Grey color Top 33' Tires Ideally looking to have this...
  11. ryanCA

    MUDShip Fresno to Los Angeles

    looking to get a set of 17" wheels, no tires, from Fresno to Los Angeles Anyone traveling ?
  12. K

    craigslist 73 FJ40 w/ SBC in Los Angeles - $5000

    Not mine. I replied to the ad. Ron is the owners name and he has owned it for 20 years and it was his older brother before that. Not sure how much documentation he has but there is about $600 of DMV back fees. 73 land cruiser fj-40
  13. 0

    Wheeling near Los Angeles tomorrow.

    I am going to do some wheeling near LA tomorrow. Probably hit up Hungry Valley OHV , maybe Rowher OHV and possibly Cleghorn Ridge Trail. I usually just go solo (much easier usually on short notice especially) but thought I would post up here. Maybe meet some more cool local wheelers. I am also...
  14. seth

    It's time to rebuild the knuckles...Anyone want to help in L.A.?

    Hello there fellow Land Cruiser owners – it's finally time for me to get into the greasy job of wheel bearings, knuckles and front axle inner seals. I have a 1964 FST, which I've been conscientiously restoring over the past 4 years while it simultaneously serves as my daily driver, and it's time...
  15. dahlmaker

    1989 FJ62 Build in LA

    I've been lurking on the site for awhile and now I've officially joined the club. I picked up this 1989 FJ62 down in Tucson, AZ the day after Christmas and drove it back to LA the next day. It's lived in AZ it's entire life (minus two years in Idaho). Rust free except for a few spots small spots...
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