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  1. K

    Possibly a new place to get leather seats from?

    Someone posted this on FaceBook & I wanted to share it in case anyone is interested? The pictures of the seats look nice but, I don't know anything else about them. https://ridies.com/Product/27492/
  2. Putins4x4

    Dealer  Origami Leather Seats

    Hello everyone, I recently decided to start sourcing upholstery leather kits for Land Cruisers and after posting a few pictures of my products in a few websites and seeing the amount of interest, I decided to go all in and made a website to show and sell my leather kits. please visit...
  3. UZJ100 FOR SALE - Interior

    UZJ100 FOR SALE - Interior

  4. G

    Leather Options - December 2016

    I'm searching for leather covers for my 2000 Land Cruiser. I'm surprised by how many options exist for getting replacement seats for my front row - so I've tried to create a short list of my findings. I'm hoping to get feedback from those who have purchased and/or installed leather covers for...
  5. danadog

    Colour matching the tan/oak interior.

    So for an upcoming project(s) on the 80 I need to color match some interior plastics. From many searches here on mud I have come to the conclusion that the tan in our 80's seats etc. is #42 from the following chart on the URL. However can anyone tell me what # would match the darker brown...
  6. jwilliams

    Land Cruiser Heaven leather video review

    Finally getting around to posting a review! Frank (@FloridaFJ80) from www.landcruiserheaven.com was great to work with and will answer all of your questions. I am very happy with the quality of the leather, stitching and fitment over the new Toyota seat bottom and back foam. I also had...
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