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  1. L

    Lx570 Maintenance Schedule

    I am looking at a 2011 LX570 with under 100k. I would like to know where I can find the maintenance schedule for this vehicle and I would also like to ask yall what issues I should beware of now and down the road. Thanks!
  2. KidCanFish

    For Sale 5 OEM 2017 Land Cruiser Wheels 285/60/18

    2017 5 Toyota Land Cruiser 18” OEM Wheels + Tires - Vehicles - Sandy Springs, Georgia - Marketplace | Facebook 5 OEM Toyota Land Cruiser wheels. Taken off car at 5k miles. Came off a 2017 Land Cruiser. Wheels are flawless. Tires are 285/60/18. Local pick up only or will ship at your expense...
  3. Gigem96

    craigslist OEM Land Cruiser 14-15 Wheels w/Road Tires (Houston)

    See Craigslist add also: Toyota Land Cruiser OEM Wheels 2015 w/Tires Wheels came off my wife's 2015 LC. They are in great condition and the tires only have a few thousand miles on them. I have the chrome lugs also, but she kept the TPMS sensors for the new wheels. Pickup or local delivery...
  4. S

    What's the trick to reinstalling stabilizer bar links?

    Over the last couple days, I've been installing a new Icon suspension on my stock 2013 LC200. The lift is about 2.5" and (other issues aside) the last thing I need to do but can't figure out for the life of me, is reconnecting the left-hand side stabilizer bar link. I've tried jacking up the...
  5. F

    Should I buy a new 2018 or a 2016/2017 used LC?

    Currently in the market for a land cruiser. Dealers are willing to offer 9% off MSRP - how much should I counter back? Is 15% even possible? I was planning to go with a CPO but none of the nearby dealers currently have one. I never bought any cars from Carmax, but it seems like it has...
  6. MrCWineMan

    Wanted MY 16+ Stock 200 series wheels.

    I’m hunting for a set of at least 4 stock wheels for my 16 LC. Pretty sure this wheel style started in 16, but could have been the refresh in 14/15. Located in Colorado, pickup would be ideal, but if you have them and don’t want them, let’s talk.
  7. M

    For Sale 200 Series 3rd Row Seats + Seatbelts

    Gray leather 3rd row seats boxed up and ready to ship at your expense. Great condition. These came out of a 2009 Toyota Land Cruiser. Also have all 3 seatbelts if wanted. Open to offers. Pickup or ship. 79707 Midland TX Will text/email photos at request
  8. N

    Swap the radio from a 2013 to a 2011?

    I have a 2011 200 Series and I hate the current radio. It has the nav unit with bluetooth, DVD and reverse camera. The screen is too dim and the Bluetooth won't link to my iPhone X. The audio turns off when you put it in reverse. How stupid is that! There is no Aux port in my LC either so I'd...
  9. Tio Conejo

    4Lo Not Engaging on a 2009 LC200 (V8 petrol)

    I recently purchased a 2009 LC200 (V8 Petrol) with 89,000 miles from a Lady that apparently never took this car offroading. The price was so attractive $20,000 that I only drove around the block, everything went smooth and did not test the 4x4 system because I thought this car was unbreakable...
  10. 77W

    For Sale New 2018 LC200 Blizzard Pearl For Sale (Terra Interior) - Irvine, CA

    Hey Guys and Gals - Bought my LC 3 months ago. Only 1300 miles on it, basically Brand New. Have not even put the plates on it yet. There's not much more to say as she is flawless. The day i bought it i had a professional install a full front XPEL shield...hood, bumper, side fenders and up to...
  11. DPA200

    200 favorite Rock Sliders

    Looking for a vote on the best sliders for the 200 series. I know there are quite a few threads on this over the years but being that I'm currently in the market to finally ditch my running boards...i thought id make a new updated thread with a Poll. Let me know if i'm missing any good...
  12. ToyotaIsLife

    16 INCH wheels DO FIT LC200! (Myth Busted)

    I read many, many posts on forums of people claiming 16 inch wheels cannot be installed on a 200 series land cruiser. That is not technically true!. Where im from we love the look of 16 inch wheels so we found a way to install them a very long time ago. *THIS IS DEFIANTLY NOT PRACTICAL, just...
  13. B

    200 Series Girll

    I have searched the forums and haven’t found much. Anyone seen grill options for 200 Series? Other than the mesh.
  14. B

    Good Boston ARB Installer

    Hey guys. New to the forum. Drive a 2011 J200. Looking for a good Boston-area dealer/installer to supply and install an ARB Deluxe Bar with winch and fog lights and a modular rear bumper. Also looking for good steel replacement for OEM running boards. Any suggestions?
  15. J

    For Sale ARB Bumpers Land Cruiser 200 series

    ARB Front Bumper and rear bumper with tire carrier and jerry can holder NO winch NO lights included if you buy the set ill give for FREE the ARB side steps. Price Front Bumper $ 1450 ( NO lights, No Winch ) Rear Bumper $ 2150 ( tire carrier and jerry can holder included )
  16. Tom B

    For Sale 2013 Land Cruiser, 35's, ARB, Ext Toyota Warranty, Pearl White

    Sale pending... I have been a Land Cruiser enthusiast for 10 plus years now. However as much as I love the 200, I've decided that a Tundra is a better fit for my hobbies right now. Details about my 2013 Pearl White 200 located in Fort Collins Colorado (about an hour north of Denver). VIN...
  17. Mogwai

    For Sale US Spec 200 Series OEM Cat Back Exhaust

    Came off my 2013, 85k miles on it. California truck, parts located in San Diego, CA. Pickup preferred, not sure how I would ship. There is very minor surface rust on the pipes, most of the brown you see is dirt but if you're interested I can always snap more/better pics. Bolt on. Make offer...
  18. S

    For Sale Seat for Toyota Land Cruiser 200

    Sell front and rear seats for Toyota land cruiser 200 (Material - leather, Color: gray, black, beige). Condition is very good. Stood on the left-hand drive. The price is 1600 AUD
  19. Chocolate

    Land Cruiser 200 Executive Black Edition

    Found this on Toyota Russia's site. Changes from the standard model include: Blacked out (color keyed) grille Headlight bezels blacked out Quilted leather seats and door panels All important D pillar badge 20" wheels Different side mirrors Different trim on roof rails This model has the same...
  20. O

    Wanted 2013 LC200 wheels

    Just got my hands on a great 2013 200 series Land Cruiser with some 22 inch chrome XD / Pirelli Scorpions. Looking to move back towards OEM LC wheels, but open to other options as well. Located in Los Angeles, open to shipping.
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