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  1. I

    New Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series Overlander Build

    Just ordered a new Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series 4.5 diesel twin turbo (white) to do the great lap of Australia including some of the toughest 4wd tracks. Here's the list of accessories I've come up with including brands/suppliers shortlisted. I'd appreciate your input so we can select the very...
  2. N

    2017 Used LC - undercarriage pics

    hi Everyone, I am new to the forum and hopefully posting this to the correct thread. I see this forum has a lot of experts and enthusiasts of Land Cruisers. So, I was wondering if I could get some excellent advice from y'all. I am looking to buy a used 2017 Land Cruiser and was hoping if you...
  3. ravivt

    Thoughts on OME BP-51 for 2013 TLC?

    Any thoughts on the OME BP-51 for a 2013 TLC? Does it worth the price? What other alternatives are out there to balance on pavement comfort with off pavement performance? Thx!
  4. MnsoooR

    Land cruiser 4.0 200 manual 5 lug to 6

    I want to do a new project on my land cruiser 200 series 2008 V6 Manual 5 Speed I’m looking into converting the factory 5 lug hub to 6 lug to fit lighter and 16 inch rims, have anybody done it or have any suggestions..?
  5. A

    Should I sell my 2009 VXR for a 2008 LX570

    Hi, So I'm new I just bought my 2009 Land Cruiser VXR October of 2019 I'll post pictures of the VXR and I bought it for 80,000 Riyals ($21,970) and now I saw and inspected a 2008 LX570. I know they are the same but I want to get an LX570 so I can have the same car as my dad (2018 LX570s). My...
  6. Woody Craig

    NLFS  2015 Toyota Land Cruiser - White - $41,500

    I'm looking at selling my wife's 2015 Land Cruiser. I bought it used but with roughly 3500 miles. It now has about 92,300 miles on it. The previous owner bought it in Jackson, Ms. It has never been off road and basically it was used to take kids to school and up and down Interstate 55. It...
  7. R

    200 Series Oil Pan Plug Torque

    I learned the hard way this weekend that knowing torque number is important. After changing the oil on my 2017 LC 200, I went for a drive only to return and notice oil dripping. I had set the torque on the oil plug to 18 ft lbs because that seemed like a reasonable amount. I then tightened it...
  8. BigMF

    Method MR313's on LX

    Anyone have experience with the 17" Method MR313's on their 2011'ish LC or LX? They have a +25 offset and I've read one person say here that they should fit, similar to the Icon wheels with the +25 offset. Thanks in advance!
  9. BigMF

    Moto Metal 17" wheels on 2011 LX570?

    Hello all, first time poster here. I'm looking to upgrade (downsize?) the wheels on my 2011 LX570. I currently have the factory 20" wheels but want to go down in size so I can get the benefits associated with that. I've heard that there are limited options in the 17" range, specifically the...
  10. D

    Australia spec 200 series

    Hey guys, any one with any idea on the key differences between Australia spec 200’s vs Africa spec, Middle East spec etc. of course engine types vary but I’m talking more in terms of suspension, underbody protection etc. Cheers !
  11. Jefferson100LX

    SOLD  SOLD - Northern VA (SoCal most of it's life): 2014 Lexus LX570 (Mall Cruiser)

    Asking $36500 (Updated). Going up on Craigslist also. I had dreams of turning this into an overlander, but alas reality set in and it has been a Mall Cruiser it's entire life. Purchased L/Certified (CPO) at Carlsbad Lexus in January, 2018, drove it across the country in July 2018, and has been...
  12. 77W

    For Sale  2018 LC 200 White Blizzard (Terra Interior) - Like New (Irvine, CA)

    Hello there... Selling my 2018 200. Sticker is $86,400, Current ODO is 11721 miles. Interior: Terra Exterior: Blizzard Pearl Year: 2018 New fore 18' - Power Tailgate, Siri integration, no rear TVs No scratches, defects, or leather wear...smells like the day I purchased her. Garaged...
  13. S

    SOLD  MI - TRD Pro BBS Forged

    For sale - Tundra TRD Pro BBS Forged wheels 18x8. Please message me if interested.
  14. F

    200 series purchase

    Hi all, I finally broke down and became a member after reading through threads about buying a 200 series. I am looking at a 2011, i guess more than looking at it. We’ve run number and it’s something I can live with. It drove great and everything I tested inside worked. Price is right at $25k...
  15. L

    Lx570 Maintenance Schedule

    I am looking at a 2011 LX570 with under 100k. I would like to know where I can find the maintenance schedule for this vehicle and I would also like to ask yall what issues I should beware of now and down the road. Thanks!
  16. KidCanFish

    For Sale  5 OEM 2017 Land Cruiser Wheels 285/60/18

    2017 5 Toyota Land Cruiser 18” OEM Wheels + Tires - Vehicles - Sandy Springs, Georgia - Marketplace | Facebook 5 OEM Toyota Land Cruiser wheels. Taken off car at 5k miles. Came off a 2017 Land Cruiser. Wheels are flawless. Tires are 285/60/18. Local pick up only or will ship at your expense...
  17. Gigem96

    craigslist  OEM Land Cruiser 14-15 Wheels w/Road Tires (Houston)

    See Craigslist add also: Toyota Land Cruiser OEM Wheels 2015 w/Tires Wheels came off my wife's 2015 LC. They are in great condition and the tires only have a few thousand miles on them. I have the chrome lugs also, but she kept the TPMS sensors for the new wheels. Pickup or local delivery...
  18. screenflicker

    What's the trick to reinstalling stabilizer bar links?

    Over the last couple days, I've been installing a new Icon suspension on my stock 2013 LC200. The lift is about 2.5" and (other issues aside) the last thing I need to do but can't figure out for the life of me, is reconnecting the left-hand side stabilizer bar link. I've tried jacking up the...
  19. F

    Should I buy a new 2018 or a 2016/2017 used LC?

    Currently in the market for a land cruiser. Dealers are willing to offer 9% off MSRP - how much should I counter back? Is 15% even possible? I was planning to go with a CPO but none of the nearby dealers currently have one. I never bought any cars from Carmax, but it seems like it has...
  20. MrCWineMan

    Wanted  MY 16+ Stock 200 series wheels.

    I’m hunting for a set of at least 4 stock wheels for my 16 LC. Pretty sure this wheel style started in 16, but could have been the refresh in 14/15. Located in Colorado, pickup would be ideal, but if you have them and don’t want them, let’s talk.
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