1. Q


    G'day folks, i have a bit of a dilema and i did try using the search function and google images but i cant find what im after. So i drive a 96 fzj80 a442f auto and i moved the cable for the auto throttle kick down and the cable came unhooked. Now i cant figure out for the life of me how to hook...
  2. Frkens

    Advice needed on FJ62 88, with throttle issues

    Hey fellas! I'm continuing my way down through Southamerica in my FJ62 and have made it to Ecuador this far. No breakdowns this far but... The engine is acting a little weird. I am driving in 3000 metres currently but it has been going on for a while and I can't find any explanation. My...
  3. E

    Throttle kickdown cable ?

    I got a fj62 for $600 ... But the kickdown cable from the throttle to the transmission is broken ... I need a new or used one .. Try several sites and no luck . Please somebody tell me where I can find one ..
  4. pearljamten27

    FJ62 Auto Transmission Issues - Need Advice

    Good Morning/Afternoon Mud, I purchased an 89' 3FE back in March (2016). I have had issues with the responsiveness of the trans shifting (Kickdown Cable) but I have not adjusted yet. Last month I drove the wagon around 250 miles in a day and the trans gave out on the interstate. Trans fluid...
  5. J

    Kickdown setup

    Have recently taken out a 2h diesel motor out of a 85 manual cruiser and put it into another of same year but automatic, hunted everywhere to try work out where the kickdown bracket bolts up, any help please? Thanks
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