1. r2m

    GX 460: Where's the 110 AC Inverter?

    I've looked high and low on Google and Mud and I can't find where the inverter is on the GX 460. So my questions (for those who have the Premium option) are: Where is the inverter hidden? Is it under the hood or seat, maybe in a rear quarter panel? Can it be upgraded? How much room is there...
  2. Mr Cimarron

    For Sale  Matrix inverter package

    I have two Matrix inverter packages for sale. Package comes with inverter, switch, outlet, pigtails, and pin out sheet for ease of install. All you will need to add is a relay. Perfect fit in the 80 dash switch locations. The outlet cover tab in both packages is broken. The cover still will...
  3. Markuson

    Cutting Big Scary Holes (Inverter Success :)

    So I finally took the plunge and hacked a pretty ugly hole in my driver door panel... Been wanting to find a practical mounting spot for the control/monitoring board in connection with my fairly-high-powered 1500 Watt sine wave Inverter... Starts out pretty dang ugly-- But the ugly cleaned...
  4. Markuson

    Strongest INVERTER in 2-Batt System?

    looked around, but not much on this. Have any of you hard-wired a powerful inverter? I was looking at a 2000W unit, and wondering if there is any problem running this with my dual battery system going in on Monday. Upper limit? Car Running only or no? Any thoughts? It would be nice to be...
  5. Mr Cimarron

    For Sale  SOLD - Matrix inverter package

    I have two inverter packages that were pulled from Toyota Matrix. $75 each shipped. Each package will include inverter, switch, outlet, pigtails and mounting brackets (from Matrix). The little tab that holds the outlet cover is broken, in both packages, and won't hold shut. When I installed...
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