New Lexus LX450 OEM Factory Head unit re-installed

    Hey everyone.... thanks to @asutherland I was able to get a new OEM Lexus LX450 head unit, and had my local Toyota Dealership install it. Here are the before and after pictures..... Really happy with the look and the center stack is slowly getting lit up, and will seen hopefully look like it did...
  2. D

    New 12v Headunit = two voltage reducers?

    A quickie question for the pros- installing a 12v headunit into my 24v system will require two voltage reducers-- one for full time power and one for ignition power, correct? While searching I also came across the mention that the head unit would not maintain its internal memory if using a...
  3. Bsclly

    1996 Headunit Swap Question

    Hey guys, I've got a '96 Cruiser and the radio is pretty much busted. No lights work, the Cassette player doesn't work, I've got no idea what station I'm on and I want to be able to use my phone (Via Aux or Bluetooth) The Headunit cut out in the dash is MASSIVE. I don't really want to spend a...
  4. S

    Pioneer Navi 2015 Map Update

    Hi everyone - if any of you are running a Pioneer Z or X series navigation units check out the AVIC forum for an update to your maps. 2015 Avic Z120 map update - Page 6 - Hacks/Mods I did it and worked well on my X930BT head unit. For your specific unit you may have to dig around the forum; if...
  5. K

    For Sale  Pioneer Head Unit & Pioneer Speakers FJ80

    Complete Stereo upgrade for your Land Cruiser: Contains: Head-Unit, 4 Speakers, Mounting Bracket, necessary wiring. *Only wire you will need is the Metra 70-1761 wiring harness found on Amazon. Head-Unit: Pioneer FH-X529UI 2-DIN CD Receiver with USB Control for iPhone. 2 RCA ports, MOSFET 50W x...
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