head lights

  1. S

    For Sale  Seattle: HIR 9011 bulbs 4 never used!!!

    Bought these for my truck and test fitted one bulb by trimming the tab per 'Mud instructions. Fit perfect! But then the depos came back on the market so I got those instead. 3 of the four are still in original packaging. Now I don't need these anymore. My loss is your gain. $40 local pick up...
  2. Dustin Messina

    Wanted  LX470 Drivers Side Headlight--WANTED

    Looking for a clean drivers side headlight for an 01 Lx470. Mine functions fine, but has mounting tabs broken. I'm looking for a clean fully functional light. Located in MS.
  3. W

    Main beam cuts out fuel pump....I think!

    Hi all, I have something very dodgy going on under the bonnet. I was driving a very long straight road, when the car suddenly started jumping/jerking. I think it was the fuel pump playing up. Checked the air filter and started her up with no problems however as soon as I turned the main beam on...
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