1. E

    Wanted Early 1980 FJ40 Instrument Cluster

    I am looking for a working early 1980 FJ40 instrument cluster. Anyone got one for sale?
  2. tstepp920

    Wanted Guage Cluster for a 1980 FJ40

    I have been informed that my gauge cluster can not be restored due to the rust on the face of the gauge cluster. Soooo..... I need a re-storeable gauge cluster for a 5/80 FJ40. Be gentle. My wallet has suffered greatly due to my affliction.
  3. FordPrefect

    Auxillary Temperature guage

    Hi all, I am new here and require advice My 60 series has the usual problem of dash temp and fuel gauges jumping to full at random times I would like to install an aftermarket sender unit and electric guage without compromising the std dash guage Any suggestions where to put sender unit on the...
  4. ozcrusier

    Help with 12ht aftermarket guage install

    I have been looking around my 12ht to fit my aftermarket gauges and it's not looking like a simple install with out losing my stock water temp gauge unless I drill and tap into the water pump housing ?. I'm thinking of running the manual oil pressure from a piggy back system on the stock...
  5. RustyNailJustin

    Wanted FJ62 oil psi guage

    My 89 FJ62 oil guage is cooked. Looking for a replacement. I really don't want to buy a complete instrument cluster.
  6. C

    For Sale 1989 FJ62 Toyota land Cruiser instrument cluster

    Hi guys! I have a instrument cluster from my 1989 FJ62. It is in great shape, everything works. Current mileage on it is at 191k. If you have any questions, feel free to message me or text me at 9156264910. Make offer. Thank you
  7. Bardiya

    White Instrument Cluster Background?

    Aftermarket cluster that came on my cruiser
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