1. sunrk

    BTTF style LED GPS speedo in 80 series aka LX450

    Anyone have a GPS BTTF 'replica' speedo installed in their 80? I'm waiting for one to arrive and I'll be interested to see how it matches to the factory cable-driven speedo head. For a while there was a mob in the UK called Advent Controls making them but the info about them has vanished. I...
  2. Captn Conch

    How functional is GM SM465 tranny W/ 3 speed transfer?

    I'm wanting to do this. But Just how usable is this granny gear when in 4 low? I had a '72 Chev 1 ton 2wd pickup and yes it was a real stump puller granny gear. I can only imagine being in 4 low with a granny gear in the Cruiser. Hi range granny, yes, but is it even viable in 4 low granny with...
  3. T

    Replaced my oil pressure gauge

    A few months ago I swapped in a decent sr5 instrument cluster. But I've been struggling to make the frustrating electric sending unit work. I've spent time and money I'll never get back trying to make this thing work. So today I finally gave up and pulled the gauge out and ran a mechanical...
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