1. E

    Baseline Maintenance Question?

    I am purchasing a 2003 LX470 with 116k miles. I will pick up the vehicle next week. Please tell me what items I should replace, change, inspect for wear, etc. to get it ready for its new home. I know the timing belt was replaced at 90k miles, and I assume the water pump at the same time...
  2. Leandro

    Limited slip diff fluids

    Hi all I've been searching the forum and reading the faq for the last couple of days. I want to replace TX and Diff fluids on my 99 LX470. My LX has rear LSD, I'm pretty sure the front diff is open. The manual specifies different oils for both types of differentials (open and LSD), although the...
  3. RFB


    I think with all the info collectively on this entire forum or what I call the offroad BIBLE, we need to start a how to keep your rig rolling thread. Ill start: ALWAYS keep your fluids clean and topped off. And always grease your U joints tie rods and other zerks Always carry spare belts,plugs...
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