emission control

  1. Helimancan

    Adding an evaporative emissions systems to a 2f

    I have a 1980's Style composite fj40 with a 1978 2f power plant. I am hoping to track down the parts list and tech required to add an evap emissions system for the purpose of reducing unwanted fuel vapors from the fuel tank. Something similar to the 1977 fj40 federal evap emissions with only...
  2. DoubleNickels

    For Sale  Boise: Emissions / Smog Components (FJ60)

    See pictures below and let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to PM me or post here in this thread. I tried to price things appropriately but let me know if I'm way off on anything. With the exception of the Evap Emission Control Device (FJ55), these all came off an early 80's FJ60...
  3. W

    EGR Vacuum Tube Routing

    I've got a P0401 on my 1995. Had someone look at it and they suggested replacing the entire system essentially...the EGR valve, VSV, temp sensor. I checked it out today and noticed that there are a couple of open lines that have nothing connected to them. Upon comparing to other pictures, I...
  4. T

    22r question on when it was first produced

    trying to see if anyone has a truck, celica with a production year of 1980 and a 22r motor. Apparently a motor swap from 15 years ago has come back to haunt me. Apparently having a motor newer than 1981 in a 1980 truck without smog equipment is a big deal, but if the motor was available in 1980...
  5. DoubleNickels

    For Sale  Boise: 2F Emissions Parts

    De-smogged a 1984 2F engine and have most of the parts. Let me know if you need anything and I'll dig through. Very fair pricing. I'm not a vendor, just a dude with too much crap in too tiny a garage. -Calvin
  6. Murphy

    For Sale  1976 FJ40 smog parts

    I have most of the smog equipment. I was collecting it for my FJ40 but I sold it and still have the equipment (buyer was in a no smog state). Smog pump, air rail, EGR cooler and valve and hose, ABV, vacuum controller, charcoal canister. Just need a couple more small things to complete it. I...
  7. D

    Emmission Control Removal

    With the V8 conversion done by a previous owner on my 72 FJ40 I have been told that I no longer need the Emission Control unit that is still mounted in the engine compartment. That individual said that I should take it out and put it up for sale. I see a metal pipe coming from the Emission...
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