dome light circuit

  1. L

    Interior light gremlins

    My 93 FZJ has several issues that are pointing me toward the dome interior light circuit (attached image). 1. High dark current draw led to battery dying (will measure again with fresh battery) 2. Flickering dome lights I followed the path of others by refurbishing the door pin switches, and...
  2. AUGuy

    Any tips for locating a bad ground in the rear dome circuit?

    Almost positive I've got a bad ground somewhere in between the Rear LH/Rear RH Courtesy Switches and the Dome light. As so many dome light threads have gone, the rear dome will come on while switched to ON position, but does nothing when switched to DOOR. Additionally, the little panel lights...
  3. pengfinn

    Clock works; however dome lights and radio do not.

    Hey mud, long time lurker here. So I recently picked up a '91 80-series with >350k on the dash and need some assistance troubleshooting an electric issue. So my clock works, but the dome light and the radio does not. I've checked all fuses (dome, radio, cig) and all of them are good. Pulling...
  4. 2

    key cylinder light

    I am doing the mod on the key cylinder light from regular light bulb to led. I accidentally short out the light socket and fried the dome fuse (10amps). Fuse replaced but now the light is not working and the dome light(middle of the truck) works on the ON position but not on DOOR position. Check...
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