disk brakes

  1. Crinkler

    Wanted  Wanted, fj40 or FJ60 disk brake front axle housing

    wanted, fj40 or FJ60 disk brake front axle housing or complete.
  2. reddingcruiser

    For Sale  FJ40 Front and Rear Axles with Lockers

    I am selling my not-so-stock FJ40 axles. Front axle has a large pattern knuckles, disk brake axle set up for SOA, 4Plus extender sleeve and 62.5 +/_ WMS-WMS, ARB, oil fill plug relocated to compensate for SOA and C&T. Ruff Stuff spring perches. Set up to be installed WITHOUT out-boarding the...
  3. bwalker16527

    Front knuckle rebuild disk brakes

    Doing front knuckle rebuild on 1974 FJ40. Obtained 1976 FJ55 front knuckles and calipers from mud member. Cleaned and painted knuckles, hubs, Aisen lockers and now ready to install. Rebuild kit and bearings from Cruiser Outfitters.
  4. A

    1968 disk brakes/axle questions

    I have a 1968 fj40 that I am in the process of building up to be a daily driver. So far the only thing I know for sure is the car spent time in Colombia between the field repairs and pesos I found in it. My plan is put in a 5.3 Chevy and a nv4500, I'm not sure on the transfer case yet, I'd...
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