diff breather

  1. 9

    Front diff

    so ive had an issue where my front diff fill bolt is completely stripped and i cant remove it. Is it possible to drain my fluid out the bottom then add fluid from the vent hole if i remove the vent line fitting?
  2. JohnnyFish

    Overland Bound: When a Toyota R&D Engineer Builds and Overland Rig: Extended Cut

    Very interesting discussion of the Dan Rich's 80, the TRD supercharger prototype rig, in the wild.
  3. J

    40 Series Breather Locations

    Hello i plan on extending my breather lines on my 1980 FJ40 up to my engine bay and need to locate where the following breather points are; Front Axle- Already Found- Pretty starightforward Rear axle- Found. But have no clue on how to fit a 1/8 BSP fitting there as it appears to be connected...
  4. linuxgod

    Diff (and other) Breather Extensions

    I ordered the Dobinson snorkel yesterday... @crikeymike convinced me to pull the trigger when he said they only had one left and the next batch wouldn't be in until summer. Thinking when I do the snorkel I should extend any breather tubes at the same time. Anyone know how many need to be...
  5. Bear s

    Fzj 80, the romanian approach

    Hi there mudders all around the world! For quite some time now I've been watching you from the shadow, and I've finally decided to present my own Land Cruiser with my learning’s from it. Just as a small introduction, I like old cars, no-matter how stupidly they were built. For some years I've...
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