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  1. A

    For Sale  2LT 2L-T Cylinder Head (Seattle, WA)

    Hi, I have this cylinder head for sale: Toyota 2L 2LT 2L-T diesel cylinder head - auto parts - by owner -... - This fits the original 2L-T (not 2L-TE). I tried returning it, but due to COVID, all shipping...
  2. AaKnight

    Checking valve clearances; head is on bench

    Hi... so I'm attempting my first hg swap and valve job on my 1fz-fe, and I want to make sure I measure my valves correctly, but the cylinder head is off... and the FSM valve adjustment instructions only mention using the crank pulley for TDC then 360 turn for the second valve check...
  3. Deathvalleypaul

    SOLD  1FZE camshaft top bearings - full set with bolts needed.

    Someone lost the whole set which means after I get the bearing caps I will need to have them line bored, but the head is in great shape - pressure tested and no warpage at all. Please send personal message with price. They can ship in a flat rate USPS mailer.
  4. Onur

    Builds  1985 JDM 3B Engine Rebuild and Other Stories
    Engine: 3B REBUILD BJ70 JDM

    Well, since crap hit the fan, figure it is time to do this correctly. I was planning on a head rebuild only but when I pulled head and cleaned up pistons, all 4 were cracked unfortunately. So off to the races we go. This thread will document the head and block rebuild. IP has already been...
  5. paulzak

    Chasing vs Tapping Block Threads

    Hi all. I'm in the middle of re-installing my cylinder head after a blown head gasket and a head refresh and have a question. After clearing the threads in two bolt holes, I've decided that the tap is too agressive and will revert to less violent ways to clear the rest of the threads . Have any...
  6. E

    Wanted  3F carby cylinder head needed! AU

    G'day! The head on my 3F has blown and I'm looking for a replacement. If anyone's got one lying around or knows someone who does, please lemme know. I'm in VIC but will drive to NSW/SA. Cheers!
  7. RocketCityCrzrs

    For Sale  3FE head

    Guys, I bought another head for my 88 fj62 and don't need it. It came from a running engine with good compression. I took it to the machine shop I always used and had them recondition it. It has new valves, new springs, and new seals. It has been pressure tested and magnafluxed. It is...
  8. LDub

    Timing gear and distributor gear oil circulation

    Doing what I consider a baseline+ maintenance which includes the valve cover gasket due to some massive oil leaks and noticed the front section of the cylinder head (where the timing chain and distributor gears are and thought they were rather dry. My question is, do oil galleries exist in the...
  9. NeverGiveUpYota

    Manifold to Cylinder Head

    So I had mine resurfaced awhile back. Reinstalled but then ended up pulling the head and having a valve job done. A few weeks back I put the manifolds together and got all buttoned up and truck was definitely sucking air and running lean. I pulled the manifolds off and went to another machinist...
  10. OregonFJ60

    Wanted  1987 FJ60 2f head and "air injection tube assembly"

    Currently struggling to find anything available via the good ol internet or word of mouth. Help me get this thing back on the road!!
  11. Fifty Hertz

    12H-T: to rebuild or not?

    Hi guys, So I've been having some thoughts about the extent of potential engine rebuild given the current state of my project. Have a look here My HJ61 Rejuvenation I got into some discussion on the Oz 60 Series Owners FB page and the opinions included pull the pistons and check, do...
  12. Wildnlost

    1HDT Cylinder Head Performance Modifications

    I decided to perform some minor cylinder head porting and polishing when my engine was apart for a minor overhaul. Researching the forums and looking at common practices with high performance motorcycle and car engines I decided to do some basic cylinder head modifications. If you have any...
  13. cruiserfj45

    Cylinder Head Experts, Is This Crack Repairable?

    While doing a valve adjustment for a customer, on a 91 FJ80, I noticed a glimmer of green in the sun. After pressure testing and cleaning the suspected areas I found this. It is located between the exhaust valves for cylinder 2 and 3. There is also a smaller one in the same spot but between...
  14. E

    Wanted  2f Cylinder Head 84' FJ60

    Looking for a 2F Cylinder Head for an 84' FJ60. Please message me if you have one available.
  15. ceylonfj40nut

    Fzj80 Cylinder head torquing

    I am about to put the cylinder head back on after a headgasket replacement. Bolt holes look clean and thread in without a lot of friction. I plan to use new OEM head bolts oiled per FSM. Reading on mud some say to chase the threads. FSM does not state to do this. I plan to run my bolts down each...
  16. joesfj40

    Wanted  3b cylinder head

    Evening everyone, Cross posted here to hopefully locate something. In need of a 3b cylinder head shipped to 93442 morro bay California. Or I can arrange pickup pretty much anywhere in California. Thanks everyone Cheers, -Joe Rawson JoeRawsonSLO@Comcast.Net Wanted - 3b cylinder head
  17. joesfj40

    Wanted  3b cylinder head

    In need of a 3b cylinder head shipped to 93442 morro bay California. Or I can arrange pickup pretty much anywhere in California. Thanks everyone Cheers, -Joe Rawson JoeRawsonSLO@Comcast.Net
  18. joesfj40

    3B cylinder head cracked

    Evening everyone, I recently came across a FJ60 with a 3B and H55F swapped into it. Motor wouldn't start and had very poor compression. After pulling off the head it appears to be cracked pretty badly. From my understanding all the pre cups are cracked along with that all 4 chambers have cracks...
  19. want2wheel

    Wanted  2f cylinder head

    I have a 78 FJ40 that has dome pistons. I am looking for a cylinder head. The one that I had on it was open chambered. Thank You, Rob
  20. relaxedcruiser

    12HT cylinder head tubes

    Hi, I have a slight problem with sleeves / tubes in my 12HT cylinder head. The engine rebuilder who pressure tested the head before skimming just said - there´s is a leakage into some of the head bolt bores... An good hour of searching the web had given me just one goal... this meber has had...
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