corner glass

  1. F

    SOLD  Orange County, CA FJ45 Rear Windows Curved Glass

    Hello -- I have new old stock driver's side glass AND passenger side glass, both of them are curved rear windows (corner glass). These were spares for my 1965 FJ45 truck but I sold the rig years ago and completely forgot about these part that were sitting in a cabinet in the garage -- not sure...
  2. R

    take out rear corner window

    Hi - I think I've read all the threads about taking off window glass on FJ40s; I tried the suggestions on the rear corner window but I'm still not able to take it out. How much force can you apply to the glass from the inside to push it out ? Thanks.
  3. mocha0923

    Wanted  FJ45 LWB Rear Corner Glass

    Looking for a rear corner glass for 1978 FJ45. Ship to 77521.
  4. Tank5

    For Sale  FJ45 removable top corner glass

    SOLD I have two sets of corner glass for the removable top FJ45. They are used and have a few blemishes. Asking a 100.00 for each corner plus shipping.
  5. nuk612s

    Wanted  64813-90334 FJ45 Left corner glass. HELP!

    I was able to buy the right hand one from Toyota but am in need of the left one. Does anyone have one for sale or know where I can find an OEM or even an aftermarket one?
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