1. Benjaminbms

    Wanted  80 series roof consol altimeter and compass

    Hello I’m looking to buy a complete roof consol in grey with the altimeter and compass and mounting and the complete wiring along with the magnetic sensor, also preferable the shorter suns visors but not a must.
  2. 63FST

    For Sale  Compass decals $2 ea

    Getting down to my last (12) dozen & would really like to sell them all. $2 ea w/free shipping if you can PayPal without the fees....or just cover them :) Thanks for looking and all who have bought decals in the past :) Mo
  3. S

    Altimeter / Compass console 92 JDM 80

    Hello. Lurker and 1st time poster. I have a 92 JDM 80 with factory Turbo Diesel. I have a Altimeter / Compass console above the rear view mirror. It has a button that says “Light Off”. I took it apart and cannot find the lightbulb. Does anyone know which light it operates? Thank you Sterny
  4. Ali M

    Where can I buy this part?

    On some non-US 80s they came with the compass and clinometer gauges as shown in the image. Anyone knows where I can buy this part? otherwise, I will build my own with arduino board and LCD to fit out somewhere there.
  5. pndavis4


    I just realized that a compass is standard on these. Mine is not working, I'm thinking there is a fuse somewhere that may need to be changed. Anyone know specifically where the fuse for the compass may be?
  6. 1973Guppie

    eBay  Subaru Altimeter Compass Temperature Dash Unit

    Please see here: Subaru Forester Altimeter BarometerCompass center console 1998 1999 2000 | eBay I had this mounted in my 80 series but it can be mounted in any vehicle. $65 auction start, free ship conus
  7. IxEquilibrium

    Compass/ altimeter calibration.

    Sorry if this is a repost guys. I have tried searching it but all I find is people selling compass set ups. I have a 1991 HDJ81 and was informed that somewhere on here there is an explanation on how to set the compass so it will actually work in north america ( Japanese model) If anyone could...
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