1. sigorama

    Original Toyota Service Tech Uniforms

    I have a bunch of Toyota service tech uniforms. These belonged to Safari Limited and have their patch on them. You could remove the patch and add your own logo/emblem to them. $48 each including shipping in the lower 48. Have maybe 12 of them. Most of them are XL. Long sleeve and short sleeve...
  2. franken60

    Vancouver Island Toyota Clothing

    Hey, We at VI Toyota (facebook) recently did an order for hoodies and stanfields with logos. It was well received and we're doing another order soon. It's being placed on the 15th so if you want one order quick! $70 for Stanfield $45 for hoodie $10 for shipping if required. Pm me for more...
  3. Strand4x4

    T-Shirts Opinions Needed

    Hello, I am starting a general 4x4 clothing company for us to show our love of off-roading, wheelin, muddin, overlanding. Land Cruisers will of course be a big part of the designs. However, for now I am starting with our logo which is Mile 4x4 which uses a Mile Marker Sign with Mile 4x4 instead...
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