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Logo on Mile 4x4 Shirts

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Jan 5, 2015
Hello, I am starting a general 4x4 clothing company for us to show our love of off-roading, wheelin, muddin, overlanding. Land Cruisers will of course be a big part of the designs. However, for now I am starting with our logo which is Mile 4x4 which uses a Mile Marker Sign with Mile 4x4 instead of Mile 4 or 200 or whatever. So, I have been giving out free stickers to Mud members with the Green Mile 4x4.

I wanted to do something more subtle for the T-shirts. So I used a faded white over black.

My question on the poll is about the logo placement. Front Only?, Back with Small front logo over one side of the chest?

Btw, the offer still stands on the stickers. Please just like our Facebook page or write a review on Mile 4x4
Review on Amazon:

Amazon.com : Mile 4x4 Window Sticker Weathered on Mile Marker Design : Sports & Outdoors

Facebook Page:

MIle 4x4

and send me your address and phone number and I will send out the free Mile 4x4 stickers.

Shirts are not for sale, yet. BTW, I will join as a Vendor, once I am actually selling shirts. Right now I'm just getting started and I have not sold anything. So, I can't really call myself a Vendor, yets.

May 14, 2014
Okinawa Japan
I dig the simplistic design. I would keep the front like it is and on the back left or right shoulder I would put a vehicle logo. Old Toyota New Toyota, other lesser vehicles. Just my 2¢
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