1. Spike Strip

    68 FJ40 converting to dual circuit MC

    New to me 1968 FJ40 April or May production according to VIN Somewhere along the line it got a rebuilt F1.5 engine. @65swb45 Mark, do you sell the parts (MC of course), but brake lines, brackets, etc., to convert the single to dual MC? OP says all the Drum/ Wheel cylinders were just replaced...
  2. mwebfj60

    Aisan Decel Fuel Cut Circuit

    The following lays out the decel fuel cut circuit (Idle Cut Solenoid). Three of the last four carbs I have gone through all had the gasket shown in the pic installed to where the vacuum wasn't getting to the upper left carb vacuum port (decel port). I punched the two holes in this one.
  3. MScruiser

    Blue Sea Systems Fuse Box and Circuit Breaker Install

    With the installation of my new 225W spotlights, I began to consider installing an auxiliary fuse box to handle the new load, and to also allow for the installation of future accessories (lockers, floodlight, compressor, etc.). In just a few minutes of researching, I, like so many before me...
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