1. tschuszl

    craigslist American Racing AR172 Baja (Polished)

    1 American Racing Wheel for sale, located in Portland OR (Pickup only). Link to craigslist post below, American Racing AR172 Baja (Polished)
  2. jtcolumbia

    Wanted Factory Chrome 80 wheels

    Hello. Looking for a nice set of factory chrome 16” 80 series wheels. Like one in pic. Prefer washer style lugs if available as that is what I have and will be keeping 2 of mine as spares until acquiring 6 if possible. Located in Pennsylvania. Cheers!
  3. S

    For Sale 2012 Tacoma Front Grill

    2012 OEM Tacoma TRD Chrome Front Grill no dents or chips lightly used $150.00
  4. woody

    Chrome Plugin for XenForo

    If you frequent Xenforo-based forums on your desktop using the Chrome browser (like IH8MUD), you might see some benefit to using the Chrome "Forum Alerts" extension...I find it very useful ;) Forum Alerts
  5. stock

    Who does Chrome work

    I need some chrome work done. Anyplace in Philadelphia that you know? Or anywhere really, I can mail the parts.
  6. Chocolyle

    Wanted Stock Chrome Wheel Center Cap Used? New?

    Can anyone suggest a good place or person to get a pair of the rear wheel center caps? New/Used I tried the local dealer and they are $52.00 each. I found a bunch of places selling them for the same price or a little better, plus shipping. 42603-60190 Is the part number I have.
  7. P

    FJ62/HJ61 Chrome bumper part numbers needed

    Hi' I'm looking for new chrome bumpers for my 89 HJ61 restoration project, but Toyota codes seem to have many different styles and prices also. Car's original bumpers were sold many years ago with brackets and now I would like to know what are the part numbers for typical FJ62 bumpers like...
  8. surf40

    For Sale Snake Blinder Chrome

    Clean straight drivers side rocker panel chrome strip. Has both end caps. Only has one mounting clip but dealer has them in stock. Sold my Cruiser and this was an extra I found in the garage. Can meet in or near Orange County CA. $100 + shipping
  9. LCunderhill

    For Sale FJ62 Chrome Mirrors

    please delete
  10. Landshark

    How do I remove these Chrome Bolts on Original Rear Bumber?

    I removed my rear bumper once but that was about 15 years ago, I remember taking it to a garage and asked them to remove the two middle top bolts. They just ground it off making scratches to the chrome. So I want to do it myself. They been soaking in penetrating oil for the past week. I...
  11. F

    Wanted 100 series chrome center cap with gold toyota logo

    looking for a chrome center cap for my stock wheel. it has a gold toyota emblem. i believe the earlier 100 series had these wheels (16"). i know u guys probably either have them somewhere in the back of the garage or thrown them away. please post pix and price, thanks! looks like this
  12. Brewsterfire

    For Sale SOLD. New Nitro FJ80 Chrome moly axles and birfs

    Never installed, going to different priorities now. $500 US plus shipping.
  13. Hmmm

    Wanted Rocker Chrome / Snake Blinders for 1986 FJ60

    Clean (able), undamaged condition. Need driver's and passengers. I'm in upstate South Carolina.
  14. OregonB

    chrome trim: pop off, or is is screwed in from back?

    I've checked the I the only LX owner to contemplate rattle-canning the chrome "framing" around the rear license plate to a flat or semi? If the doors have to be opened up, might just try masking instead.
  15. OregonB

    de-badging a 470

    I'm going to pull the chrome letters, rattle-can the front grill and the badge off the once a year (maybe twice) I'll spend 30 mins and $5.00 for a can of black semi-gloss ...BUT I can't find a thread on any one doing the chrome plastic "framing" on the back tail gate. Anyone? I'd...
  16. masonbarnard

    polishing chrome bumpers

    now that 95% of my truck is finished, i can worry about the very little details. does anybody have a trick or know of a product that's good for cleaning the OEM chrome bumpers. Mine shines nice but has light scratches and could be more reflective.
  17. AggiePE

    Wanted FJ60 chrome wheel

    I'm looking for a good condition factory chrome wheel for my FJ60. Just need the one wheel. Thanks, KK
  18. JLH911

    Chrome locking strip for windshield?

    I searched, and someone did mention that the chrome locking strip used to install the windshield gasket was still available, but this was back in 2012. Does anyone know if it's still obtainable? @beno ?
  19. grishw1

    31 or 245/70R17 Kenada MT with American Racing Chrome rims

    Paid $1200. Will sell for $450. Have 200 miles on tires. Located in Austin. PM if interested. For Sale - (4) 31 or 245/70R17 Kenada MT with American R. chrome rims

    For Sale [ME] Stock FJ60 Front Bumper Chrome WITH End Caps (GOOD SHAPE)

    Hi Folks, Upgrading to an ARB, would like to offer this good condition front bumper for sale. For the Northeast, this bumper is in great shape. The two end caps are intact and included. There is some light scuffing from a tow chain, and a slight kink on the underside that isn't visible when...
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