chrome trim

  1. Turd Furgeson

    SOLD  Fj62 chrome trim for gutters

    Need the chrome to cover the drivers gutter and the rear of the vehicle.
  2. Anthony Angel

    Wanted  FJ80 Front Bumper Chrome Trim/Strip

    Looking to buy that chrome trim that usually goes on top of the front bumper. Mine got [stolen?]. If anyone knows where I could buy a new trim, or if they're selling theirs please let me know.
  3. zgarre

    For Sale  FJ60 / FJ62 Chrome Weatherstrip (Inner Rear Door Glass)

    Used, good condition, rubber is soft and pliable. Fits inside the rear door glass on FJ60/62's. Asking $30 + shipping for the pair.
  4. OregonB

    chrome trim: pop off, or is is screwed in from back?

    I've checked the I the only LX owner to contemplate rattle-canning the chrome "framing" around the rear license plate to a flat or semi? If the doors have to be opened up, might just try masking instead.
  5. J

    FJ60 rear door chrome trim Removal help!!!!

    hey guys, I've been trying to read up on how to remove the thin chrome trim around the edge of the rear windows but really don't have anything specific except that the 1/4 window at the back the chrome is functional and holds the rubber in i really don't want that chrome on there , so if i cant...
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