1. doc5339


    I am an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Technician and recently saw, and purchased a raffle ticket for this rebuilt FJ60 by EOD Warrior Foundation; pretty awesome charitable organization. $100.00 per ticket and they are trying to sell 5,000. Please check it out if you have a minute...
  2. krice118

    Tony Robbins Interview- Child Trafficing Warning- Tears flow

    Tony Robbins Operation Underground Railroad I thought this was incredibly inspiring and heartmoving. $3,000 to rescue a child from sex trafficing. I love Tony Robbins and thought this video was so inspiring to just be apart of something bigger than myself. He is matching each $ donated to...
  3. BisonCruiser

    OPERATION BUILD UP/Vehicles for Veterans Non-Profit

    Hi all, my name is Tyler Linn. I am 23 from South Carolina and soon to be a soldier in the US Army. I just wanted to share this non-profit a service member informed me of. Worthy of support. I'm not yet a TLC owner, but am searching for the right vehicle for a project. Land Cruisers are my dream...
  4. David1947

    HPU Charity Car Show

    After being sick for 13 days, I decided to venture out to the HPU car show at what once was Oak Hollow Mall. Their blurb in the paper earlier in the week stated they expected 200 cars so I was interested. So the 40 and I went over and watched the college boys try to run a car show. I didn't...
  5. Lillopad

    Camp Ryan Adams

    Fellow MUD enthusiasts, I'd like to share this with the MUD community and ask that you broadcast this to anyone that may have the heart and resources to help. We have been running guided hunts and camping reunions for veterans on a beautiful piece of property in WI and have really begun to...
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