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  1. LSDbrand

    For Sale  Blue Sea Systems ML-ACR Automatic Charging Relay with Manual Control 12V DC 500A

    Hello, im selling a Blue Sea Systems ML-ACR Automatic Charging Relay with Manual Control 12V DC 500A I had as a spare, this things are so good i ended up never using it. Its new, i never used it but i has been siting in the car for about a year. here is the ebay post...
  2. Seazedd

    dead batteries

    Hi guys. I just had the alternator replaced on my 100 series glx. The dash lights would flick on intermittently so auto elec replaced it. He tested charging and load test batteries and said everything was now fine. 2 days later I go out to car, turn the key and nothing. No dash lights at all and...
  3. starclassic

    1999 Land Cruiser alternator failure?

    Well, this will be an anticlimactic welcome post. Picked up my first 100 series 6 days ago, a 1999 Land Cruiser. Today, it lost power. Wifey was driving it in a residential area and it flickered and died. No charge, starter just clicked. Ate up most of the afternoon. Now it's at the dealership...
  4. I

    Charging and "missing?" fuse question

    _________________________ Info possibly useful to others regarding a previous thread (Alternator Removal): I have a 1999 Land Cruiser. Just removed the alternator with some of the tips in a thread out the bottom of the vehicle ... it was a pain ... I can't believe that either of the 2 original...

    Charging light head scratcher

    So I have been fighting a light for a month or so. It came on after a trip to the beach and I replaced the alternator and upgraded to an AGM battery. The light went away but came back the next day. Volts on he idiot gauge looked right and it hasn't died yet. I hooked up an OBD scanner it...
  6. Manuelsv

    voltage regulator triage, Any other wires to check to rule out ?

    97 Cruiser, Stock Denso marked on the Alternator "Regulator built in 07" Toyota 27060-66070 101211 5270 Denso 10R24 (stamped) Symptoms Alternator/charge light on under 2,000 RPM's :confused: ....... This all started after driving thru heavy rain (Yes sometimes it rains hard in Phoenix :p ) I...
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