cat back exhaust

  1. Mogwai

    For Sale US Spec 200 Series OEM Cat Back Exhaust

    Came off my 2013, 85k miles on it. California truck, parts located in San Diego, CA. Pickup preferred, not sure how I would ship. There is very minor surface rust on the pipes, most of the brown you see is dirt but if you're interested I can always snap more/better pics. Bolt on. Make offer...
  2. Fj moneypit

    Better shifting after new cat back exhaust and muffler?

    I recently added a kamar spare tire carrier and had to cut off the exhaust resonator to make it fit. This made the exhaust "whistle" louder. I finally ended up changing muffler and cat back system to 2.5". No more Whistle and I have noticed the car shifts up and down with more response. Used...
  3. LittleRedWgon

    Fj60 Exhaust Help--Newbie

    Hey Guys.. I have had my 85 FJ60 for about 5 years now...I am lucky enough to be the second owner and the PO did a great job not bastardizing this sweet lady. I am finally in a position to start making some repairs that are needed...with my free time and extra cash..hahah. I am fairly handy...
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