cars & coffee

  1. Tylerh84

    San Diego Rigs and Coffee

    Hey everyone, @custyota and I were thinking of setting up a rigs and coffee for everyone in the greater SD area. We have a place in mind in IB but would like to have it move every month or 2 to possibly try different coffee spots. Let me know what everyone thinks!
  2. JToobe

    Cars & Coffee Saturday, April 22nd

    Who is up for going? To park together I propose we meet at the Earthfare Parking lot at 8 am and drive in together!
  3. tgadd

    Charlotte Cars & Coffee - Apr 1

    April Fool's Day Cars & Coffee 1720 Galleria Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28206 We can meet at the Harris Teeter before and carpool over. I'll be at HT around 7:30am if anyone wants to join me. Heading over to C&C at 8am
  4. TCruiser93

    Cars & Coffee at the Oasis - Feb 12th!

    Lets all show off our rigs at the Oasis Car show! February 12th 10am - 1pm (via *Their FB page says it starts at 9am, so if anyone's been please confirm* Post up if you can go! Mark aka mmw68, can you post the event on FB too just incase anyone sees. - Thanks!
  5. JToobe

    Cars & Coffee this Saturday, 1/28

    Starts at 8 am at the Michelin HQ off the Parkway (Pelham Rd I-85 Exit). I will be swinging by the CFA on Pelham to get me a biscuit.....maybe with some mustard! @Trollhole , time to bring the Stout!
  6. Jacob Auernheimer

    Nashville Tennessee Land Cruiser Meet Up

    Hey Everyone, I'm working on organizing a meet up for April the 2nd at the Nashville Cars and Coffee. I would like to get a head count to see if the event would be worth putting on. If there are enough people we might consider going to nearby Wooly's Off Road Park that afternoon. It would be...
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