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  1. K

    Old Car Stereo Magazine Article on 1993 LandCruiser

    I thought that you 80 series guys might enjoy seeing an Old Car Stereo Magazine Article on 1993 LandCruiser. (needless to say this isn't my LandCruiser but, I do own a 100 series)
  2. toadshade

    Best car stereo speakers/amps from a junkyard?

    I spend a good bit of time in my local pull-a-parts auto salvage yard and I was thinking it would be nice to find a speaker/amp set out of a junked car to put in my Cruiser. Mainly because I am cheap, but I also like the challenge. I really enjoy making something like that work for nearly no...
  3. srfdntchk

    Help! Just installed new head unit, bypassed amp, and now only 4 speakers work...

    Hi All, I just installed a new head unit in my 1995 LC and bypassed the factory amp, but now only 4 speakers are putting out sound, which sucks. Currently only the two front dash speakers and two rear passenger door speakers are working. The front door speakers, rear cargo speakers and sub are...
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