1. a_traut_man

    For Sale  Austin TX: Used Tepui Autana 3 Ruggedized Canvas

    Used Tepui Autana 3 Ruggedized Canvas in Olive Green for sale. Probably around 4-5 years old. Overall still in good shape but started to split from where it attached to the frame of our tent so we went ahead and swapped it out for a new one (with the sky panels and customer service from Tepui...
  2. MattL

    For Sale  NEW 2007-2013 Tundra Saddleman Canvas Seat Covers (Charcoal)

    2007-2013 Toyota Tundra Saddleman Canvas Seat Covers in Charcoal - Part #: 049586-19 - Charcoal color - First row only (with headrest covers) - For Tundras with Low-back bucket seats (has accommodations for side airbags) - Crafted from high-quality canvas fabric for the ultimate in comfort and...
  3. kybishop

    Ellis Canvas tents and bedrolls.

    I really like old school canvas gear, packs and tents etc. Ran across this and found it pretty interesting and thought I would share. I searched and found one mention of an Ellis bedroll here on the forum but that was about it. Ellis Canvas Tents
  4. JohnnyC

    Builds  Previously known as the 'One Week Resto' now Pathetically keeping it alive... 500k

    JohnnyC's Quickto Resto 3 (The almost one week resto) Well its been a long time coming...cant take the rust anymore :) I have owned my DD for 18+ years and its now going on its 3rd resto. The second owner did one (Bondo Queen) just before I bought it 18 years ago. In 97? Tyke Moses put new...
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