1. N

    93 Camry 4 cylinder Over heating!!!

    I had just about had it with this car. Back in November i bought this car from a friend to help them out with $$. A week later the water pumps goes out. I do the work on y cars myself so i looked it up and replaced it and the thermostat. *eye roll* my dumb ass turned the motor so it took me a...
  2. Bambusiero

    EGR Vacuum Modulator - Sensitive Functional Bench Test & Alternative Part Numbers

    I've been getting intermittent P0401 error code (Insufficient EGR Flow), so checking the vacuum modulator using the FSM test procedure. Apparently, I can't tell the difference between air passing through to the filter side "freely" and "with strong resistance". So - convinced the modulator was...
  3. mikedamageinc

    For Sale 80 series steering wheel, clockspring, airbag, steering wheel with radio controls

    Just need to get rid of a few things, prices neg, just need a few bucks worth the trip to the post office. SOLD 1997 TLC steering wheel, oak, no cruise lever. Catskinz two tone leather cover. $SOLD Clockspring from 1997 TLC $20 Airbag from 1997 TLC, oak. Cover needs to be rivited back on. I...
  4. rustybucket

    oil light fickers on camry ..1/4 low drive home..light flickers again .. no oil pressure!

    I was thinking...mmm bad oil pressure light switch? I was heading off the highway to see my my old house when the light on 3sfe engine was flickering. I turned around drove 1/4 mile stopped at a gas station and perched a quart of oil. The engine does not leak or burn oil. So checked the stick it...
  5. rc51kid

    Anyone own a 2012-14 Camry that could measure seats for me?

    Sorry for the stupid request. But does anyone own a 2012-2014 Camry that they could measure the seat rail width and seat cushion hight from the rail for me? I have located a set of black leather ones that i am thinking of putting in my 80. But i would like to know if they are in the ball park to...
  6. fjfar80

    100 Series vs. Camry or Why You Should Buy A Blueberry Bumper

    So, some of you know I have been building a 2001 100-Series. I searched for about a year and a half before I found the perfect (well perfect to me) 100-Series. It's a 2001 in River Rock, a Texas Truck it's whole life with no rust and of course a one owner vehicle. I picked it up and started...
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