1. JS24

    Loud Buzzing Noise When Ignition Is Turned To On (w/Video)

    So I was out washing the cruiser today and backed it out of the driveway to play vehicle dominoes so I could get it in the garage and out of the sun. Got back in it and started it up and was greeted with a loud buzzing noise coming out of the dash/steering column area that I have never heard...
  2. devo

    My tranny is buzzing me

    yes it does! I have a 1997. 250k miles When the transmission is shifted out of park into any gear, the fine vibration almost a buzz starts. I feel it in both shfters, the gas peddle, the seat of my pants and if I put my hand on the valve cover. Also when the tranny is cold, first start of...
  3. ariff

    Annoying buzzing when head lights are on video

    My Son and I finally got to take the cruiser on her maiden voyage tonight.. After a few months of working on it and fixing all the things that go bad when a vehicle sits for a few years.. Anyhow we took it out at night to the car wash and noticed when you turn on the lights you get a very...
  4. Nerdotronic

    stereo mystery issue

    Let's see if electronic heads can help identify this weird issue i'm having. this started happening a few days ago, after a long drive over dirt roads (ie. rattled the hell out of the car): On wet and snow days, even before driving the car, with headlights ON, there is a pretty loud constant...
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