1. L

    Land Cruiser Shop In/Near Brooklyn

    Hi. I'm new to the forum. Just bought an FJ80 in Nevada. I'm bringing it back here to Brooklyn and wanted to know not only a fair, honest and talented mechanic but a place that could install a front bumper and a heavy duty roof rack [for a rooftop tent]. What places do you guys recommend...
  2. S

    Hey Brooklyn,Long Island,Queens! Working on a restoration/rebuild? Need novice help?

    Hey I'm Mike, new to IH8 but heard about it for some time now as I've always wanted to own an FJ since I saw one way back in my days on Oahu where I grew up. Now I'm in Hawaii, yeap for 12yrs now so it stuck and I'm happy with it so far. So last week I tried to purchase an FJ62, but before I...
  3. B

    Long Island/Brooklyn Mechanic to Baseline a 100

    Hi All! I've recently acquired a 1999 100 with 204k. I've been doing some light maintenance work (coil packs/plugs, fluids) but am looking for a mechanic in the area to do the alternator, timing belt, water pump and other assorted "baseline" work. Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in...
  4. BKSwim75

    Landcruiser Shops in NYC Area

    Anyone know of any great body shops in the NYC area that really have good knowledge on Landcruisers from the late 80's early 90's. I live in Brooklyn and am looking for land cruiser now and would love to find a local shop to develop a relationship with if I need help and can't fix things myself...
  5. hamishpotter

    last minute NYC meetup in Brooklyn

    Hey Gothamites, A few of us are planning on meeting in the Northside of Williamsburg, Brooklyn this evening around 7:30pm if any of you are interested and it works. Last minute, I know, but worth a shot. Narrowing down location between cafe or bar, since that neighborhood gets a bit crazy on...
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