1. S

    For Sale  Boston - Sale: LC Black Hood Wind Deflector

    Just removed the Toyota accessory black hood wind deflector from my 2004 Cruiser. Picture below is with it equipped. (Some wear, but in great shape for 10+ years in the elements.) Re-use the screws, plastic screw anchors, and rubber hood gasket already on your vehicle for installation. $40? (I...
  2. B

    For Sale  98 Landcruiser - 252k - Boston- $3000

    link: 1998 Toyota Landcruiser great overall condition for a 98, minimal rust as it was garage kept in GA until 2013. spun-out on the ice last month and dented the rear panel, cracked taillight, cracked bumper. would love to see someone turn this into an off-road rig, it is ready! ad price...
  3. Surftruck

    FJ Mechanic Recomendation for Boston Area

    Hey, Just wanted to throw a recommendation out there for any FJ owners looking for a mechanic in the Boston area. Volsar Automotive in Medford is a great shop to work with. Eddy has alot of experience with FJ40/60/62/80s and has built several from the ground up. Very responsive, great guys.
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