1. Stumpalama

    Looking to borrow a canopy for GSMTR

    Anyone have a pop-up canopy they can lend me for GSMTR (17-21 May)? I will return it clean and dry, I promise. Thanks!
  2. R

    Anyone have a Land tank Caster correction template I can borrow

    Just found out about the caster correcti9n template. Anyone know where I can borrow one or buy one? I'm in Placentia, CA (92870). Thanks
  3. SMG

    Looking to borrow a TRE reamer.

    Looking to borrow a TRE reamer that will work with FJ80 tie Rod ends. I am in the process of a Saginaw conversion and would like to use FJ80 Rod ends on both sides of the drag link. Currently my pitman arm taper is smaller than the FJ80 taper. Anyone willing to loan their reamer will...
  4. muelbeedle

    Request to borrow HAI intake manifold "insulator" bracket

    Hi All, My FJ60 passed California smog last weekend under the condition that I install the little bracket that connects the Hot Air Idle tube to the intake manifold. I need to bring it back to the technician and show him that I have it installed within 2 weeks. I ordered one from...
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