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  1. B

    Anyone near Columbus OH for body work/tub replacement for my ‘78 FJ40?

    So, Jim Chenoweth got my mechanicals taken care of but my FJ needs some body work—Jim suggested I even consider a full or partial aluminum tub. Anyone in the central Ohio area I should talk to/avoid? After the rip off “restoration “ I purchased several years ago that Jim posted about as he was...
  2. Phot0

    Removing Tub From Chassis for a Frame off

    Hello there, its been a while since I last posted. I Started my fj40 project with an idea that went from simply doing the body work, dealing with the typical rust and stuff, to a complete frame off restomod, as I'm not looking for a complete original restoration. That being said, I'm now in...
  3. J

    top places to get body work (FJ40 in Texas)

    I am new to this so sorry guys and gals if this has been posted or I just did not do my home work correctly. I just got a 1973 FJ 40 and it needs alot of body work. I leave in Houston TX so I was hopping if there are any recommendations to where to get body work done in TX? Thanks for the help
  4. B

    Recommendation for body work/shop

    Hello Olde North State Cruisers, I have a 1983 Land Cruiser I've inherited from my brother. It has some issues with rust spots on the roof and a few spots on the lower panels. I'm in need of recommendations of any body shops you have used and received quality work. I live in Carteret County, so...
  5. 67Rebuild

    Bent windshield - repair

    My windshield is bent in two places and I'm trying to figure out how to fix it. Has anyone straightened their windshield without a press or body straightening tools? If yes let me know. See pics
  6. White Stripe

    Body work opinion

    I'm going to be installing a new tub on my 40. Question, should I reinstall bushwacker flares or go with a stockist rear fender cut? Which u think would look better? Here it is with current tub and bushwacker flares. Tires do stick out a fair amount. I kinda think the bushwacker offset this but...
  7. lp2k

    pre paint questions fzj80 refresh

    hey everyone, so trying to get back to the land cruiser. Any advice would be appreciated. I am thinking it would be best to remove and replace the weather seals versus masking and painting around them, i could barely get a fingernail under them and they are pretty dried up with the florida...
  8. seth

    Help identify bolt holes in 1964 FJ40

    I'm getting ready to do the body repairs in my 1964 FST, and I wanted to start identifying what are actual factory holes, and what aren't. Firstly, I was going to source a set of rear seats, but was surprised to see that I don't have holes in the typical places. Does anyone know if there were...
  9. Ratboy

    Help Wanted  Experienced Body Worker Needed at Classic Cruisers in Salida CO

    Wanted, an experienced body tech to perform restorations on all Land Cruiser models FJ40-55-60-62-80 series Land Cruisers and parts. We are a small full service restoration shop in business since 1992. We are tight knit group of Cruiser nuts and are looking for another to join our team...
  10. E

    Am I crazy for spending this much on body work??

    Hey all, My '85 FJ60 is my daily driver. It was handed down to me from my parents who bought it back when they got married in '85. The ultimate goal is to get the truck back in (or close to) it's original shape. Mechanically, everything's in pretty good shape. Engine is healthy and all that. So...
  11. F

    Wanted  FJ40 rear tub or body

    Im in the process of rebuilding 3 fj40's a 74, 75 & 76. I'm in need of a complete rear tub or may me interested in a whole tub. I'm in Florida willing to travel but not to far. Thanks!
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