1. D

    For Sale  Fj40 long jump seats

    Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Jump Seats | eBay
  2. tpscruisers

    SOLD  43/44 series hardtop and rear door in CT Sold

    I have a 43/44 complete Hardtop, rear door and any hardware attached for $1500 Will fit FJ43/FJ44/BJ43/BJ44. I included 5 pics here but you can see it installed (inside and out) on the TerraCruisers website from their restoration (81 FJ43 Freeborn Red in the inventory section). Owner...
  3. Paraglider

    24v parts availability and conversion to 12v

    I'm considering buying a BJ40 series cruiser but was wondering what the availability of parts are for a 24v version. I'm in the U.S. if that makes a difference. Also, was wondering if it's completely stupid to consider converting a 24v to a 12v and how complicated and expensive that would be.
  4. prosport

    Wanted  FJ43 BJ43 Roll bar

    Hello, I'm looking for a roll bar and the mounting hardware/pads that would fit my longer base 1973 European BJ43 (mine came deleted from the factory and the PO converted it to a hard top with an aftermarket top). Please let me me know if you have any for sale. Thanks
  5. prosport

    Wanted  Roll Bar for 1979 BJ43

    Hello, I'm looking for an OEM Roll bar for my 1979 European (French)BJ43 that came with a Deleted Roll bar and a soft top from factory but was converted to a hard tip by the PO. Thanks.
  6. R

    For Sale  1980 Toyota BJ43L

    Selling a rare 1980 Toyota FJ (BJ43) for purchase! The Toyota BJ43 is a rare two-door medium wheelbase diesel powered Land Cruiser, even rarer than the already rare gasoline counterpart model (FJ43). This vehicle is believed to be one of just a handful in the United States and is like before...
  7. C

    FJ vs. BJ value in United States?

    Quick question to anyone who has an opinion. I am looking at importing a couple of BJ43s from Europe. Everything else equal - do the Diesel BJs have the same value in the U.S. as an FJ? Or, do they for some reason carry a discount or premium. Many thanks in advance.
  8. savvas

    B to 15B-F swap

    Edited (Feb 2017): This turned out to be a frame off restoration of a BJ43 with a 15B-F and h41 so scroll down for more info. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Not really a swap thread yet, but hopefully soon enough. Tomorrow...
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