1. N

    For Sale  1980 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ41 RHD Diesel

    Up for sale is my 1980 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ41. It is right hand drive, imported legally from Japan almost two years ago. I have a Nevada title for it, and have had plates on it and insurance here in Nevada. It will pass diesel smog but of course it doesn't have to because of the age. Make...
  2. C

    Questions about the BJ series

    I'm looking to get into the Land cruiser club, looking at a bj41 right now. Some general questions i have are things like What's the MPG? I can't seem to get a solid answer on this anywhere on the internet. Some say low 20's while others say low 30's/mid 30's. Also, what's the max speed for the...
  3. mrjordann

    What is a BJ41?

    Hi, I found this on craigslist. FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser Diesel BJ41 It says it's a BJ41. I know BJ means it's a diesel engine, but what does the 41 mean? I think it's very rare.
  4. gslam20

    Injectors and V-belt Questions BJ41

    Hey All, Recently removed my injectors to have tested from my 1981 BJ41. Noticed some white corrosion of some type on the injectors but most significantly on #3. Any idea what this is or what causes it? Second question is around the v-belt. I purchased a new one part #99343-01195 which...

    Builds  Cruzilla BJ41 from Russia

    Hello everyone, I want to share with you my new project. This car is purchased in a landfill, but was in a good state of repair. In Russia, it is very difficult and expensive to build a car, because most of the parts must be ordered from other countries, usually the United States or Japan...
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