1. peggyfzj80

    Wanted Baja brand brackets for 80 Series flat rack

    I'm fabricating a custom rack and was hoping to buy the brackets from "Baja". It turns out they will only sell their brackets to a Baja roof rack owner. So, if anyone has those brackets for sale, i'm interested. Thanks!
  2. H

    For Sale Gobi Rack, 5th Gen T4R (Manhattan Beach, CA)

    $1500, only works on swap versus OEM racks
  3. DasBeast

    For Sale Bajarack flat utility roof rack for RTT on FJ Cruiser

    Bajarack's flat utility roof rack, made specifically for 2007-2017 Toyota FJ Cruisers for RTT (not included). Hi, I bought a used roof top tent for my Land Cruiser and this Bajarack was part of the deal. Since I don't own a FJ Cruiser and I can't adapt it to my rig, it is up for sale to fund...
  4. maujkar

    LC200 BajaRack : Long Term Review

    After much pondering , I thought of sharing this with the fellow mudders. I purchased two Bajaracks back in July-2013 (me+friend) and at that time, the Baja folks were very considerate to fabricate it with low profile legs (so we could fit it inside our garages) and added a few tabs, front ...
  5. Pismo 2016

    Pismo 2016

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    Pismo 2016

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    Pismo 2016

  8. Pismo 2016

    Pismo 2016

  9. Pismo 2016

    Pismo 2016

  10. Pismo 2016

    Pismo 2016

  11. Pismo 2016

    Pismo 2016

  12. Pismo 2016

    Pismo 2016

  13. Pismo 2016

    Pismo 2016

  14. Chitown4x4


    DEAR MUD. I have a 100 Series Baja Rack that I have had in storage for over a year now and have not used installed or even opened. Its brand new in the box, I can ship the product, but it must go truck freight. Commercial locations are cheaper. Part# BRTYLC100-0 Shipping is about $150 to...
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