axle shaft

  1. djzimms

    Redoing DS Knuckle - Ring on Axle is Really Dug In - Best Solution?

    So, I got the axle off with the PVC pipe method without too much trouble. Upon inspecting the ring, it's really dug in. So much so that the two points of the C stick out pretty far past the splines. I was told by someone the other day who redid his knuckle that his mistake was not pushing this C...
  2. R

    Wanted birf c-clips

    I've completed the tear down of my knuckles, received my new inner axle shafts, and I thought I was ready to rock this weekend to reassemble. Alas, I need new axle shaft C clips for the birf connection. Anyone got 2? I'd need them mailed priority to 08619 or 08501 and I'm fine with whatever...
  3. 8

    excessive play in axle shaft after rear axle rebuild

    Hello, I have a 1997 4Runner SR5 3.4 v6 5 speed manual. I'm getting into some more trail riding, so I decided to hunt down a e-locker and swap my open diff with a locker. Found an axle at Spaldings in Spokane and started the swap. The donor vehicle had 277k on it with 4:30 gears. I have 4:10...
  4. duggy

    Wanted [TX] 80 series rear short side axle shaft

    Shipped to 77080. Need for an e-locker axle
  5. fjeng

    Wanted FJ60/62 Rear axle shaft (long side)

    I am needing an axle shaft for my rear long side. During a rebuild I found my bearing surface on my shaft to be in poor shape. Had to put it back together and run it with a new bearing but it will need to be fixed in the future. Shipped to Tx 76457 Taylor Smith
  6. nvrfollow

    Wanted FJ62 Rear Axle Shafts

    Need a set of axle shafts for FJ62. Also, if there is an aftermarket option I would love to hear it! Thanks
  7. terry Davis

    IH Scout 80 Axle

    Hello, I am new to the forum. I have 1961 Scout 80 in running condition. Broken rear axle shaft. Son was a little rambunctious and now find my self trying to repair right rear broken axle shaft. I believe it is a Dana 27, but could be wrong. I purchased axle shaft and seals but need advise...
  8. warsteiner05

    For Sale FJ80 High Pinion third member, Front, 4.10 open, + Birfields!

    FRONT Third member pulled from a 1994 landcruiser 80 series, 4.10 open, gear wear pattern looks excellent! Also have inner axle shafts and outer birfields(without tone-rings for "ABS"), knuckles, spindles, steering arms, drive flanges, rotors. LOCATED IN GREENWOOD, SC, USA. High Pinion third...
  9. txlonghorn

    For Sale 80 series axle shaft/birf SOLD

    SOLD Pulled off of a 1993 Land Cruiser. Passenger (short axle shaft side). This is off of an e-locked front axle (not sure if the splines are longer like in the locked rear axle, but it should work on non-locked axles as well). Splines look good. Small rough "ring" marking on the outside of the...
  10. txlonghorn

    For Sale 80 series rear E locker differential - SOLD

    SOLD! Pulled off of a locked 1993 Land Cruiser. Complete rear locking differential including 3rd member, actuator and cover, and wiring from actuator to rear cargo area (NOT COMPLETE HARNESS FROM FRONT). Gearing is presumably stock 4.10 and ring and pinion looks good. Actuator is working when...
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