1. R

    New track conditions app - feedback required

    Hi guys, We are looking to get feedback on a new app in development that will hopefully make 4wding and exploring the bush easier and safer. Its purpose is to provide up-to-date track information for popular tracks in oz to allow better route planning and safer navigation. Users can see...
  2. DanMedeiros

    APP for Navigating in Baja

    I am heading to Baja at the end of the month. Plan on using an iPad mini for navigation. I have heard great things about gaia as a mapping app. However I went to there website and their mapping coverage of baja doesn't seem that great. Can you import different maps into this app? If so can...
  3. dnh1

    LX Enform Remote App

    LX has a smartphone app that is pretty cool. You can remote start the engine, lock/unlock doors, locate the vehicle, check amount of gas in tank, time until service, total miles, trip miles, status of all doors / windows, among other things. Apologies if this was already on this forum. Did...
  4. S

    LX470 Accelerator Peddle Position Sensor (OBD-II P1120)

    I just but a 1998 LX470 with 250KMs (156K miles) and love it!! The throttle went limp yesterday after and the engine light came on, after only 3 days of ownership..yikes! After shutting the engine off and on again it was fine but I'm worried about this. An OBD-II scan brought up P1120...
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