1. yonah

    Wanted  Amazon Green - under $35k

    Mud, I've got a very tastefully built '12 Tacoma that I have decided to part with... I've been bit by the Land Cruiser bug and am on the hunt for: *Amazon Green Metallic (6V2) LC200. *Preferably an '08-'10 *Under $35k I'm located in NC and would prefer a vehicle located in the southeast, but...
  2. B

    How rare is the Amazon Green color?

    Does anyone know production numbers?
  3. B

    Amazon deal on Toyota WS ATF

    amazon has Toyota WS ATF as an add on item (qualifies for free prime shipping if order total is over $25) for $6.09 per quart right now. Not specifically 200 related but I thought that was a really good deal. With the high capacity transmission pan thread and the other thread with a walk through...
  4. T

    Dometic CF-80 Fridge/Freezer 80l $456.79 on Amazon!

    Retail is $900+ Amazon average is $798 and yesterday I saw this drop to $456.79. Still at this price as of today 1:46P ET. I just picked one up for my build. Anyone else notice this? Perhaps this model is being discontinued? also has it for $456. Anyone here have one and carry...
  5. JohnVee

    Amazon Has Everything

    Here's where you post the odd or interesting things you find on Amazon. Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches
  6. Not A CJ

    In the process of purchasing the Factory Manuals for my 1978 FJ40

    I have been checking the forum and I know the FSM is the preferred manual of choice. I checked Amazon and they have both the Body and Engine Manuals for less than $20 each. Toyota Land Cruiser Repair Manual - Chassis & Body - 1975-1980 Toyota 2F Engine Repair Manual: Aug. 1980 1. Are these...
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