1. sevewone

    For Sale  HJ in Alberta Canada 17,500$ NOT mine

    1987 Toyota Land Cruiser Wagon Turbo Diesel | used cars & trucks | Lethbridge | Kijiji Shouldn't last long ..Pretty neat Cruiser. Called the guy and he told me EVERYTHING is always done at Toyota. Turbo has been on there for over 25 years :) ! Oh and hes firm on price... Now if only it M/T
  2. PJ40

    Question: Rebuild 2F looking for advice/contacts North Alberta

    So as winter drags on I start dreaming again. I bough a wakeboat the summer after buying my 40 and now don't want to tackle this project on my own/as a learning experience. I want this to simiply be a driver for the time being and want to get my drivetrain sorted out. I put only about 20 miles...
  3. janz3n

    Wanted  Looking for a clean truck to build - Importable/in Canada

    Looking for a clean, lower miles truck to start from. 80/100 series or LX450/470. I am in western Canada and willing to import. Budget is about $10K USD.
  4. H

    Import to Alberta questions.

    Hey, I posted this in the import forum, but you guys in this clubhouse might be able to help me more. I'm from Calgary, and working in California until October. I would like to drive up a FJ60 when I leave. I have a couple questions regarding importing: From what I understand, because the...
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