SOLD West Jordan, Utah - 2018 Anchor Mountain Overland Utility Trailer

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Selling my Anchor Mountain Overland, Overland Utility Trailer (OUT) Adventure Trailer. This is modeled after the famous military M101 trailer. It was built new in 2018. It was offered as a DIY kit, Anchor Mountain Overland sold the tub, lid and tailgate. The frame, suspension, etc is all custom built. The tub is 4' wide, 5' long and is build for rough trails. It's been down to Baja, trips to the Utah desert and Colorado mountains - I just don't get out and use it enough.

It has a heavy duty 3,500 pound axle (no brakes), the bolt pattern is the same as newer Jeeps at 5x5 and axle track width is the same as a Jeep Wrangler. It has stock Jeep Wrangler JL wheels and 285/70/17 BFGoodrich All Terrain tires (there is a matching spare wheel/tire that is included as well). Can be easily adapted to Cruiser 6x5.5 or 5x150 bolt pattern with either a hub swap (~$150) or wheel adapters (~$100). LED tail and brake lights. It has Rubicon Express Jeep Wrangler YJ 1.5" leaf springs for a smooth ride on rough roads.

The OUT is also outfitted with a 20 gallon water tank that is tucked under the tub between the frame rails, it has an electric pump and massive 12v AGM car battery for power so you have running water. I added a small propane tank and a propane powered hot water heater for HOT showers while camping, which is amazing. There is a storage area built into the trailer at the front for hauling firewood, a cooler, extra water or fuel, etc.

The trailer is fully lockable, so your valuables are secure while traveling or away from camp. It's been painted with White Monstaliner which holds up well to offroad adventures. It's built with a Max Coupler hitch so the trailer can move independently from the vehicle with zero restriction.

The lid has gas struts that allow you to access the inside of the trailer and keeps it open, even with the tent on top.

The trailer complete with the ARB roof top tent, propane bottle & mount, hot water heater & shower is $7500. I'll consider selling it with fewer accessories (tent, hot water heater, etc) for less. The solar panel in some of the pics is NOT included.

I am continuing to upgrade the trailer, so price may increase as time goes on.

This is a link to the thread where it was built:

The trailer is located in West Jordan, UT.

out 1.jpg
out 2.jpg
out 3.jpg
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