5th gen

  1. Wagner Joy Rides The Boss' 5th Gen 4Runner

    Wagner Joy Rides The Boss' 5th Gen 4Runner

    Wagner is sent on a task to get an alignment on the Boss's 5th Gen 4Runner and maybe gets a little sidetracked.
  2. O Ironman

    5th Gen 4Runner Nitro Gas Lift Kit - $599 with free shipping

    LINK: 5th Gen Nitro Gas Kit Product Specifications Estimated Lift: 2-3" Package Details: Kit Pressurized shock absorber boosts performance and adapts to a wide range of driving styles. NITROGEN GAS PRESSURIZED - Low pressure nitrogen gas dramatically reduces the likelihood of oil aeration...
  3. Safetyman

    Storm Damage (or I H8 Riley)

    So the ole SafetyRunner got a bit battered on Friday night. We had recently lost power, so I went with some neighbors to grab some food, while enjoying the heat and light. I drove since I love snow and driving in it. Then a tree in a property adjacent to the restaurant blew over, and its canopy...
  4. VIperNL

    For Sale  2012 4Runner with mods - Heber City, UT

    This has been a great and reliable car, just looking for something else. This is an ideal roadtrip or camping car, it has tons of space, a comfy ride and is super capable when going off road. The interior is in great shape and the exterior looks great, consistent with age. The oil has just been...
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