1. HJ47

    SOLD  MN - 4Plus FJ40 Bull Bar w/ 8274 Winch Mount

    4Plus FJ40 Bull Bar w/ 8274 Winch Mount (Now sold) $250 local pickup or plus actual shipping from 55437 (48 x 16, 60lb unboxed) Installed for a couple years on my troopy before I removed it to go back to the stock bumper during my restore. Some scratches, mostly on interior winch mount area...
  2. dahlmaker

    For Sale  FJ60/FJ62 4Plus Front Bumper

    ***SOLD*** I'm selling my 4Plus front bumper that has been on my FJ62 for two years. Between a new house and new kid, I've hardly had any time to go wheelin'. Instead of selling my truck outright, I figured I'd pull back on some of the mods I made. I purchased the bumper new and bare. I rattle...
  3. HJ47

    SOLD  MN - Warn 8274 Winch w/Roller Fairlead, 4Plus Winch Bullbar

    Warn 8274 Winch w/ Roller Fairlead and plug in corded remote. No winch cable included. Positive/Negative cable leads are heavy 2 gauge (need to check length). Located in Twin Cities, MN. Prefer local pick up. (Note: I will be traveling to Eastern WI over Easter weekend, so I can get it to...
  4. EasternYeti

    4Plus 3 Jerry Can Basket NLA?

    Just looking over the site and it seems very different. No longer see the smaller products they used to carry. Particularly the 3 can Jerry rear swingout basket. They used to offer it in kits or the entire basket. Granted it was pretty step, it had everything including the mounts for a high...
  5. Rustic76

    Wanted  4plus left side rear tire carrier

    Anyone out there with a 4plus rear tire carrier for the left side? I need one for my troopy, figured I would toss it out there in case someone has one or is looking to upgrade and offload the old one.
  6. No. 3

    For Sale  4Plus Swing Away Bumper & Sliders- 60 Series

    We built this HJ61 for Falken Tire's new AT tire ad campaign and bought for the truck some of Dave Gore's amazing 4Plus stuff: a rear bumper and sliders. These are the links to the 4Plus site: 4PlusProducts | FJ60 | Tire Carriers | Classic Rear Bumper 4PlusProducts | FJ60 | Rock Sliders 4Plus...
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