1. S

    Builds  4508 - Ultra4 Racetruck Build

    Backstory: My sister got this 1996 80 series as her first vehicle a few years ago, which she ended up rolling in April this year. I have been planning/wanting to get into offroad racing for awhile, and started to get plans in motion this year to race King of the Hammers 2018. My plan is to...
  2. red66toy

    For Sale  New/unused Bilstein 4600 shocks for FJ62

    Hello everyone, I purchased and mounted these shocks on my 1988 FJ62 but ended up going with a suspension lift which came with new shocks. They are intended for a stock height FJ62 and are unused. Asking $200 plus shipping for all 4. Over $300 new for all 4. I am located in Seattle, WA.
  3. CruiseLanderAZ

    Bilstein 4600 shocks only $266 w/ free shipping

    New here so please forgive me if this isn't the right place to post this. Just want to share this steal of a deal!! Installed this set on my 2000 this weekend. Front = 24-027397 Rear = 24-027403 4 4600 Series Yellow Shocks with 4 Blue Shock Boots
  4. CruiseLanderAZ

    Bilstein 4600 install tips and first thoughts

    Contents: Background to upgrade/previous setup First thoughts Removal/Installation tips ----Background---- Just installed Bilstein 4600's on all 4 this weekend. Picked them up from 4 Wheel Parts in AZ for 279 out the door. First time doing shocks by myself - if I can do it anyone can! My Hundy...
  5. 562uned

    Struts? really confused.

    Hey everyone, been a while since ive posted (so long that i had to create a new user account because i couldnt figure out the old one) last time around i had an fj60. i recently sold my 99 4runner and bought a 99 100 series LC. Love the truck so far. ANYWAY I've been researching struts for the...
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