3b engine

  1. FDo5g

    New to me BJ40

    Greetings, I recently acquired this 1978 BJ40 with a 3B engine and started working to get it on the road. Little did I know that the vehicle would spend the next eight months in and out of five different shops, working on electrical problems, fuel, leaks, oil, leaks, etc. I think I finally have...
  2. MSP1989

    For Sale B , 3B, 11B & 14B Engine Repair Manuel

    Description: B , 3B, 11B & 14B Engine Repair Manuel Condition: Appears that some liquid spelled on it long time ago but it’s in good condition & complete papers Price: $300.00 Shipping: $28.33 Payment: PayPal
  3. SeaDandy

    Wanted Pulley for 12V Nippondenso Alternator (3B Engine)

    Hi all, Looking for a replacement pulley for my 12V Nippondenso alternator (3B Engine, 1981 BJ42 RHD). See photos for pulley measurements, etc. Note, in first image, the alternator on the LEFT is the one that needs a compatible replacement pulley. SeaDandy aka Mo from San Diego
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