1. Basskidcorey

    LS mated to stock 40 series drive-train

    Hey Guys i'm interested in getting an 40 series but I want it to be a bit more functional for daily driving and the occasional offloading/camping as well as be able to tow an 18ft fishing boat. I've been seriously considering many options of various price points and difficulty levels. I have...
  2. cruisercesar

    SOLD  5-315/75R16 BF Goodrich KM2 Tires

    Tires were SOLD. Set of 5-315/75R16 BF Goodrich KM2 MT Tires, Load Range D.
  3. FnLexus

    For Sale  97 LX450 TRD S/C, Armor, 35's NorCal

    Im posting my cruiser up as a FEELER. Not totally convinced im ready to sell. Mileage - 17x,xxx Suspension - Slee 4", with Slee castor plates, and Landtank extended HD rear lower arms. Armor - Slee Off Road Shortbus front bumper 4x4 Labs Rear bumper with tire carrier, hilift jack mount, 3...
  4. V

    35's for sale

    I have a set of 5, essentially brand new Falken Wildpeak AT3w. 35x12.5r15. I put them on mid last summer on the cruiser I only drive a couple times a month. They have about 1500kms on them and the 5th is new. They were excellent tires that took very few weights to balance. Good good tires...
  5. 8

    For Sale  OME Heavy JSprings Front & Rear for your FJ80 - Run 35's

    Selling 2 sets of Old Man Emeu (OME) J Springs (front and Rear). These are heavy springs and are used, mostly on daily driver. Some use offroad. Price: $250 J-Series Replacement Suspension 3.5"-4" Lift 1 set - OME 2850J Front Coil Springs (Pair) 1 set - OME 2863J Rear Coil Springs (Pair)...
  6. B

    Effects of large tires on front end components in daily driving

    Hi everyone! It's been almost 1 year since I've been away, working a lot, but boy do I miss being back. I am getting ready now to get some larger timer on my LX470. I am aiming for 285/75R18. This way I get the 35 inch high tire, without the added weight of a wide 315. I do very mild off...
  7. DHwreckage

    For Sale  5 - LX 450 wheels 315 Duratracs

    Hey Guys, i have 5 LX 450 wheels on my cruiser right now wrapped in 315/75/16 Duratracs. all tires have good tread left with no patches and the wheels have no rock or curb rash and they include 4 wheel caps. These are located in Boulder, Co and I am looking to sell them as a whole set, Perfect...
  8. Markuson

    35's...and Mountain Biking

    Short Version: **What's the most simple route to non-rubbing 35's?** Rationale: So I've resisted the idea of 35's because it seemed to require a lot of fiddling. Always seemed unnecessary to me... Mountain Biking Connection... ...As an avid mountain biker with both 27" and 29" wheels over...
  9. 1

    1994 LC 80 Lift

    I just bought a 1994 Land Cruiser. Right now, I'm running stock rims and tires. I would like to upgrade to 35's. I'd like to know how much I'd have to lift it to run 35's. If anybody has already done this, please let me know how you went about it. For example, amount of lift, axle spacers, and...
  10. Captain Sanuk

    For Sale  1987 FJ60 Expedition Built (California)

    For sale is this beautiful expedition built 1987 FJ60. Original Engine with only 116,000 miles. Mods include: Engine and drivetrain- Original engine and transmission. New Centerforce Clutch, new heavy duty radiator, rebuilt carburetor. Just had a recent tune up. Axles- Fully rebuilt with 4:88...
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