1. fj62max

    Input on 3" exhuast system for hdj81

    Looking into buying a 3" complete exhaust system for my hdj81. Any info would help. Ive been looking into these Beaudesert Genie Redback
  2. Webster77

    HDJ81 OME 3" j spring lift

    Anyone running this lift? Is it level, do I need spacers for the front and are there any driveline issues? Thanks
  3. W

    For Sale White 1992 FJ80 3" OME lift - 33" BFGs - NY

    Hey guys - Just listing my cruiser for sale as i am going to need the space for summer. It's originally from Texas, lived in PA then came to New York and has only been here from what i can tell a couple of years. i bought the truck because it is rust free. body / frame / tailgate / door sills...
  4. M

    My LJ78 got a brand new 3" exhaust today

    This exhaust really made my cruiser come to life. My old one was restricting, and pathetic. My good friend here in Winnipeg Manitoba at AcrLab, designed and put together a beautiful 3" SS downpipe, and exhaust. My EGTS are down, The toque has been unleashed all through the gears. I couldnt be...
  5. my67nova

    1HZ-T exhaust

    Does anyone have pictures of a 3" turbo back exhaust in a 60? Can it go inside the frame rails?
  6. my67nova

    1HZ-T exhaust routing

    Does anyone have pictures of a 3" turbo back exhaust?
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