3" lift

  1. BillyG2014LC200

    For Sale  (DELAWARE) IRONMAN Foam Cell Pro 200 Series rear coil springs - (2" Lift) Performance Load (0-660)

    I recently purchased a IRONMAN Foam Cell Pro 2" Lift kit for my 2014 Land Cruiser. The rear springs were designed for more of a constant load and actually lifted the rear of my truck 3" instead of the advertised 2" of lift. I will never install a heavy after market rear bumper or cargo boxes...
  2. TK9066

    "Hello Word" from Zelena the LC80

    Hi!! Greetings from Pakistan, this is my first thread... ever! tbh... '93 LC80 nicknamed Zelena is my first project. bought in Dec 2017 in completely stock form. The below pic is from the first few days :) Over the past 2yrs all the mods done to date have been budget mods on a very tight...
  3. J

    For Sale  1996 FZJ80 - White - TJM 3" Lift - No Lockers - 179k

    See New Posting!!! Well. I never wanted to sell this, but I am going to have to do it. $7500.00 is the Price. I would prefer to be reached via text at 405-229-006Eight She has 179,000 Miles on her. I am the 2nd owner, and it was originally a Texas vehicle. A/C blows very cold and heater...
  4. shwa76

    For Sale  Man a Fre drop brackets 3" drop

    I just pulled these drop brackets off my 95 FZJ80. These are a 3" drop. They measure 3 1/8" center to center. I switched to the Slee castor correction plates. There is surface rust but they are fully intact. The bolt is included for each bracket. $180 OBO. For an extra $25 I will sand blast...
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